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My Bucket List

Just like that, it’s Friday again! I’m not going to lie, earlier this week I was struggling to think about what to write this week's blog about. But while bored one night and scrolling through social media I saw this trend of people recording themselves realizing the term “bucket list” was apparently created when the movie “The Bucket List” came out. Now the point of these videos was how many people swear they have heard that term their entire lives. People were asking grandparents who swore that was a normal term back when they were kids. Despite this there is no record of the term being used on film or in any literature before the release of the movie. Now while, I do plan on diving into this and other apparent “Mandela effects” for a future blog, the entire time I was thinking to myself about my own bucket list. I know I’ve mentally noted things I want to do during my lifetime but I have never created an actual list. I mean my 20’s were about trying to keep my head above water so I wasn’t really thinking too much about the things I wanted to do before I kicked the bucket. Well, being in a better spot in my life now, as well as hitting that 30 year wall that apparently thrusts you into old age in our society has given me the desire to start a bucket list. This will be a working document as things will be added and removed as I grow and change. And as always, I’d love to hear some of the things on your bucket list so comment or message with some of the things you have on your list!

Start a Non Profit- This has been something I’ve wanted to do since I remembered. This is also one of the more realistic ones that I plan on doing in the future. I have worked with and spoken to many non profits and the people who work and run them. They do involve a lot of time, care and effort so it’s something I wouldn’t want to start until I was completely ready. I would ideally like to start something that helps underprivileged people, especially youth get resources they need to find long term career, housing and other opportunities.

Rescue Animals- Growing up I’d see these videos of people befriending wolves, bears or lions and I instantly wanted to do that. As I got older I realized that these majestic creatures weren’t made for domestication and in fact the ones that were owned were usually treated terribly. I mean I know we’ve all seen Tiger King. But there are a few parks around the world dedicated to rescuing animals that have been put in terrible situations and giving them the best life possible. It would take a good amount of money in resources but I’ve always said if I ended up rich this is one of the first things I’d do.

Write/Direct a Commercial- I love marketing and advertising and I know it’s weird. Nothing frustrates me more than a terrible, boring or uninspiring commercial or advertisement. And few things excite me more than that realization that a commercial just made me want to do or buy something. I instantly look up that commercial/advertisement and start diving in as to what specifically grabbed me. My biggest focus is that while I want a commercial to be entertaining and hook people, I think they also need to be informative. I see commercial after commercial that makes me start thinking about what I would have done differently.

Swim in the Open Ocean-The ocean is one of the most amazing things in life in my opinion. The fact it’s right here and we still don’t know hardly anything about it is absolutely astonishing and terrifying. Everything about it is both beautiful and mysterious. While I do love the ocean I also realize how dangerous it is which is one of the main things stopping me from crossing this off my list. But eventually, when surrounded by professionals I can trust, I would love to go deep sea diving, go in a submarine and do whatever I could to surround myself with the ocean and the breathtaking creatures that inhabit it.

Coach Football- I love sports. I love everything about them from the competition to the relationships built. My favorite thing about sports is all it can teach you about life and growing up. While yes they are fun and sports are beautifully designed games, there's so many more deeper levels to sports that help kids grow and learn. I’ve always had a passion for football and the “X’s and O’s” behind the extreme collisions you see. I truly believe it is the chess of sports and there’s so much thinking that goes into it that people don’t realize. Growing up my dream was to play football professionally and while that may have changed it didn’t die. I don’t need to play, nor do anything professionally but coaching football is some aspect whether it’s little league, highschool or something else is definitely on my bucket list.

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