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5 Ways to Beat the Heat

It’s almost that time of the year again. Air conditioners are flying off the shelf, people will soon be closing up their windows and doing whatever they can to beat the heat. We've had some up and down temperatures recently but next week looks like the beginning of 80 degrees and above weather! It seems like we get less and less of a spring each year and winter just jumps right into summer. Being on the eastern shore is both a blessing and a curse. It can get pretty hot here some days but there are also plenty of options for you to keep cool here and make the most of the hot days.. So I decided to jot down some of my favorite ways to cool down during these hot days. To be fair, most of these aren’t really ways to beat the heat as I’m pretty sure the sun is undefeated in battle. Like seriously, who's ever beat the sun? So I guess this list is more geared towards how to co-exist with the oncoming heat. A lot of things are things you can only do specifically when it’s warm. So take advantage of the warm days ahead and make sure to comment and let us know some of your favorite things to do or tips and tricks to stay cool while doing them!

  1. Beach Day- One of the best parts about living on the shore is how close we are to multiple beaches. It’s usually a couple degrees cooler at the beach with a nice breeze off of the ocean. If you bring an umbrella for shade and if you’re really hot a small personal fan then you will find yourself very comfortable and relaxed. One of the best parts about this is the beaches are free so other than the gas to get there this is one of the few things in life you can sit and enjoy for hours at no cost. Oh and when it gets too hot laying on the beach there’s a whole ocean steps away to cool you down. It’s got the best of both worlds. If you wanna stay dry and relaxed and soak up the sun you can. If you want to ride waves and have the excitement of the ocean you can. There’s a reason most people use their vacations on beach areas. And you only have so many months out of the year to take advantage of this aspect of our great location so don’t miss out.

  2. Water Park- This one is for the kid in me. No matter how old I get, the thought of roller coasters and water parks remains thrilling to me. Again a perk of being on the shore is we are within driving distance of numerous parks. Between the exhilarating slides and the relaxing lazy rivers, a day at the water park is always a good day. One of the best ways to stay cool during the hot days is to stay wet and at waterparks. That's kind of the idea behind them. It’s also a great place if you have kids. Jolly Rogers, Frontier Town and Killens Pond are some of the ones close to us that will keep you entertained all day!

  3. Pool Day- Let’s face it, organizing and executing a beach day or water park trip can be difficult. Especially with friends and family who all have different schedules and lives. A simpler yet still enjoyable alternative is a day at the pool. Everyone can find a pool. Whether you have one, a friend has one or you go to a public one pretty much everybody has easy access to a pool. And while a pool might not be as exciting as the previous two options, a day at the pool is still nothing to shake your head at. My favorite is when the pool has a volleyball net or basketball hoop in it. I could play pool basketball or volleyball all day. There’s little moving and the water keeps you cool and refreshed. Diving boards, slides and floating devices make the pool a place that anyone can enjoy.

  4. Road Trips- This weather is perfect to grab some friends, pick a place on the map and just drive. Windows down, music up, passing around snacks and stopping at all the cool places you see along the way, a road trip is something that you can either plan or do spontaneously and still enjoy every minute of and make some great memories. I like to go north during the warm months as it’s usually cooler but it’s up to you. The mountains are another great place to drive to or through. It’s a great way to explore new areas and places and experience and try things you don’t have around you.

  5. A Day Inside- When all else fails, or those day’s where warnings are coming across your tv to stay inside for safety reasons, a day inside with the A/C blasting is not a bad alternative. Grab your favorite book, or movie or invite some friends over and just enjoy staying cool and not sweating gallons. There’s just some days where it’s too hot and that’s when you make the most of that air conditioning system. Grab some refreshing drinks and some frozen treats and enjoy summer from the inside!

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