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My Favorite Mothers Day Gift Ideas

It’s Friday again! A lot of us are just a mere hours away from the weekend! This weekend is of extra importance too as it’s the last weekend to do some shopping before Mothers Day next Sunday! As mentioned previously, as someone who can proudly say he has the best mom in the world, like I’m sure many of you can as well, this holiday means a lot. It’s frustrating because there's no way to appropriately show or fit my appreciation for all that my mom has done, sacrificed and helped me with all in one day. It would take years of uninterrupted appreciation and an unlimited budget to properly thank my mother for all she has done over the years. However, here we are limited to one day. But you know what they say, got to work with the hand you're dealt. Now ideally you have been planning your Mothers day for a while but I’m a realistic person and know that many of us love waiting until the last minute, even for the most important things. So I thought maybe I could help out a little. I’ve done last minute gift ideas for other holidays and Mothers day should be no different. But let me emphasize I’m doing this for your moms, not you ungrateful monsters (kidding, sort of). Every mother deserves to have a great mothers day so take one of these ideas, put some effort in and make sure your mom has the day she has earned! As always, I love hearing back from you guys so be sure to comment and message with any ideas you have!

Flowers- I’m starting off with the most simple, basic and typical last minute gift. But it wouldn’t be on this list if it wasn’t effective. Most mothers love flowers. And luckily for you they are available all over and you can literally get them last minute. However with something this simple there has to be a catch. If you show up with a lackluster bouquet of flowers you’ll be exposed as a last minute shopper. If you’re going with flowers as your main Mothers Day gift you have to go big. Flowers are somewhat expensive too, but it costs to be lazy. If you look at the flowers and think to yourself “This may be too much”, go bigger. There is a line where once impressive enough, the flowers will cancel out any thought of this being a last minute gift.

Brunch- My mom's favorite gift is spending time with her kids. Adding food and drinks into that doesn’t hurt but according to her it’s the time that means the most. This is a gift that I don’t mind giving either as I think everyone can enjoy a good brunch. This is one you need to jump on quickly though as many places will be packed for the holiday. So if your mom has a favorite place, call asap and make some reservations. Or go to that new place she's been dying to try. Many places will have awesome Mothers Day specials too.

Winery- This will always be my go to. My mom loves wineries and I can’t say I blame her. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad time at a winery. The picturesque views, sampling wines made fresh from the vineyard. You can’t beat it. One of the best parts about the eastern shore is they are everywhere! You can go to one and make a day of it or go vineyard hopping and taste test different wines from different vineyards. If you do that you can find your favorites and know where you want to start next time! Just remember a well crafted snack bag and charcuterie board are a great way to take this day to the next level! They are actually really easy to do but show a lot of thought and effort!

Gift Card-Let’s face it times have changed. What used to be considered an impersonal and low effort gift has now become a favorite for many. First of all if you and your mom aren’t extremely close and you know generally what she likes but not the specifics then this gift is perfect as just knowing her likes and interests shows effort. But even if you are close, a gift card no longer carries such a negative connotation. We live in a world with near limitless options. People don’t expect you to know exactly what they like. But if you give them a gift that's specific enough to say I know what you like but gives them the option to pick out the exact perfect fit for them you’ll come away a winner.

Concert/show- This one is a good one because it buys you some time but also shows you know what you’re doing. Let’s face it, it may be hard to find something fun and memorable to do with your mom for Mothers day with only a few days left. One way around that, tickets to a future event. You can also get these last minute online and no one would know. If your mom has a favorite band, or artist or just likes music in general this is a gift that shows thought and effort even if you didn’t put much in. Bonus points if you get tickets for both of you and make it a thing to enjoy together.

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