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Things I'm Looking Forward To In May

Happy Friday everyone! This is arguably the best time of the year. The weather isn’t too hot or too cold, flowers are blooming and people are getting outside! May is shaping up to be another great month here on the eastern shore. So with it just around the corner I figured this week was the perfect time to do my list of five things I’m looking forward to this month. We’ve got a couple holidays this month, some prime time entertainment and some local events to enjoy! There is always something to do here on the shore so if nothing on my list gets you excited, check out some local events coming up, ask around and share what you found! I’m always interested in getting out and seeing what’s going on.

NBA Playoffs- You don’t even have to like basketball and many will admit playoff basketball is entertaining. So many of the games and series come down to the last moments and the action is intensified from the regular season. We're getting to round 2 of the playoffs which means the battles will just get more and more unpredictable and fun to watch. And one of the best parts is there's games on almost every night. So it’s easy to go to a restaurant or bar and get together with friends and enjoy the games along with some awesome food and drinks!

Cinco de Mayo- I know some people who have been looking forward to this day all year. Cinco de Mayo is like the night of the year if you like mex-american food and tequila based drinks. Most bars and restaurants will have some great specials tonight and there will surely be a crowd! Make sure to check your favorite local spots website or Facebook page for the details

Mothers Day- You didn’t think I was going to forget the pinnacle of May. If you know me you know I have the utmost respect and admiration for mothers (which comes from having the greatest mother in the history of motherhood). And as someone who enjoys giving gifts more than receiving, Mother's Day is the perfect holiday to me as I get to give a gift and spend the day with the most amazing person I know. Not to mention the usual festivities put me right in my element. We’re talking mimosas, charcuterie boards, wineries, seafood, dessert…need I say more?

Springfest OCMD- I have been going to this nearly every year for around 10 years now and it never disappoints. It’s also a great excuse to get down to Ocean City for a weekend of sun and fun. Springfest features vendors and crafters from all over to showcase a wide array of creative products available for purchase. Of course there's also great music and food to enjoy while you look around.

The Preakness- Once a year one of the biggest horse races happens right over the bridge in Baltimore Md. This has been on my bucket list to attend for a while and granted I won’t be able to make it in person this year I will definitely be catching it on tv. If you have the chance to go, I have heard nothing but good things about the Preakness every year. The Preakness is such a happy and fun environment it’s nearly impossible to have a bad time. You get to dress up, enjoy good food and drinks and watch some amazingly athletic horses compete for the trophy. And if you’re a betting person this is right up your alley.

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