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Things to do while Isolating

With everything non-essential closed, most, if not all of us are finding ourselves in the house more than ever before. If you're like me you have found yourself on multiple occasions staring at a screen or ceiling wondering what else you can do. Assuming others had this same problem, I decided to make a small list of ideas that were either sent in or that I found online of entertaining things to do to either pass time or be productive or in some cases, both!

Have a bonfire- "Yesterday my kids and I rode around and looked for wood lying on the side of the road that had been cut and discarded by the State Highway service. We picked up what we found (that was obviously on public land that no one wanted), brought it home, and had a bonfire in the backyard. The rules were 1) no one could use electronics while we searched, and 2) no one could be on electronics during the bonfire. Neither rule really needed to be enforced, as we were having too much fun looking and interacting with each other. (Disclaimer: make sure you don't trespass on private property and make sure you don't violate city ordinance by burning if it's not allowed.)"

Homemade Cooking Competition- We have an ongoing family dinner competition. Each night, one person is responsible for making dinner for the family, and that person can make whatever they want as long as we have the ingredients in stock. There are 5 of us, so it's a 5 day competition. The other 4 judge the dinner that was made that night. At the end of the 5 days we all vote for who made the best dinner. The winner gets to pick when they go in the next round.

Can’t go to the library?-"I have downloaded "Libby" on my phone.  It's an App that can be linked to your public library card. You can borrow e-books from your local public library for free.  (I try to only read when everyone is in bed so everyone can be interacting and not stuck staring at screens.)" The Libby app features both digital and audio books so you can either read or listen!

Book /TV Club- Start reading a book or watching a series at a scheduled pace with a friend(s). Then have periodic video chats or phone call sessions where you discuss what has happened and all your theories and predictions. It’s fun hearing others perspectives or opinions and seeing what you agree on and also what you may be on opposite sides of.

Take an online class- This can be anything. From coding to painting to playing piano. Find something you’ve always wanted to try and either sign up for an online class or do a few YouTube searches and you will be sure to find an instructional video. This will be fun, challenging, time consuming and most likely leave you with a new skill!

Work out!- A lot of the problem with working out is finding time to do it. Well you most likely have a lot more free time daily now. If you start it now and make it part of your routine it will be easier to continue once your normal busy life starts up again. You can find unlimited workouts online that you can do with little to no equipment!

Puzzles and other mind challenging games- Personally I love Sodoku. But there are puzzles, crosswords, trivia games and nearly unlimited apps that will provide both entertainment and usefulness as they keep your brain working and learning.

Landscaping/Yard work- The weather is starting to get nice so it's the perfect time to plant some flowers, or mulch your gardens. Or you can combine activities and look up easy instructions to build a birdhouse and add it to your yard. Add the pond you’ve always wanted. Before you know it you will have that yard you’ve always dreamed of.

Join the Tik Tok craze- I can guarantee you or someone you know have already downloaded the app and have been cracking up or maybe even made your own. It features everyone from your kids to your grandparents, dancing, singing, imitating their favorite scenes. It’s a great way to pass the time but don’t be surprised when you look at the time and hours have passed by and your in the same spot on your couch.

Documentaries- Best of both worlds. There are some extremely entertaining and informative documentary series. If you can name an interest or event, there is probably a pretty good documentary on it. Time will fly by as you watch something you enjoy but also learn at the same time. Netflix, Youtube and Hulu are just some of the places that have awesome documentaries. So type in something your interested in or want to know more about and get sucked in!

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