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Summer Trends 2021

Summer doesn’t technically start until June 20th this year but judging from the heat it sure feels like summer. Well like the heat I thought I’d get a jump start on the design trends you’ll be seeing or even trying yourself this summer. These blog posts are some of my favorite to do for a few reasons. Mainly because I started not knowing much about design or decorating. However after doing a post every season for going on 3 years I’m starting to pick up a few things. I’m well on my way to my 10,000 hours. Also because it’s not like I just pick the first 5 trends I see. I get to search through so many slideshows and magazines and websites taking in all the ideas and opinions. Even the ones I don’t like or wouldn't try to pull off in 100 years are sometimes even more interesting to dive into and read about. Now my blogs are personal to me as these lists are what I like or would try. Some might resonate with you some might not but at the very least I hope to spark an interest or curiosity which can lead you to do your own design trend search and who knows where it will take you. Before too long your house might look completely different! So hate it or love it here are my top 5 summer home design trends! Let me know what you like, don’t like or any other questions or comments!

Summer Blues!

No offense to Lana Del Rey but were not talking about any summertime sadness. Quite the opposite in fact. We’re talking about the beautiful ocean and sky blues that you have on your screen saver and dream about the 51 weeks a year you’re not on vacation. Now that color is being reflected in homes. From complete rooms to accent pieces, blue is seemingly everywhere this summer! And with so many beautiful shades it’s easy to make this trend your own! It can look good in any room from the bedroom to the kitchen!

Keep it in Neutral!

If you hate trends this one's for you. One of the trends making its way to homes this summer is neutral colors. Why? Because it’s the trend that isn’t a trend. Neutral colors like white, grey and beige are here to stay for the foreseeable future. They also give you the flexibility to really make the room your own with furniture and accents.

One with Nature!

One of the best parts about summer is everything is in bloom and nature is in full effect. It seems like every year there is more and more emphasis on bringing the outside into your home! This summer is no different. Many are going with natural accents and furniture that emphasizes wood, stone and other natural materials. Plants, indoor gardens and trees are great ways to make your home feel more natural.

Nature's First Hue is Gold

Call me Goldmember because I love gold. And apparently so does summer 2021. One of the big trends this summer is gold accent pieces. This looks amazing when paired with white or black pieces and rooms. You can go modern, post modern or tap into your Great Gatsby design style. Either way it’s guaranteed to look beautiful and classy.

You’re an Artist!

This may be my favorite trend and surprisingly it comes from Tik Tok. If you’re already an artist then you can skip the first step and just fill your wall with all your personal work that not only looks great but sends whatever message you want. But if you’re like me and barely made it through art class in middle school then check this out. There are online tutorials as well as in person where you get the supplies and they walk you step by step through the process of painting your very own masterpiece. There's an infinite amount of choices and some even let you design what you want to paint so you can really make this true to you. And who knows, after a few classes maybe you will pick up some skills and find a new hobby!

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