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  • Ryan Hogue

Neat Gifts for Under $25

Happy Friday everyone! Hopefully you were able to make your way into My Way Leases today to take advantage of our amazing Black Friday deal! If you haven't there's still time left! I also hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday and enjoyed some great food and time with their loved ones! With Thanksgiving now over and Christmas coming in hot, I thought today I'd cover some of my favorite gifts for under $25. I looked over Amazon and other websites to find these inexpensive yet useful gifts. I felt like this could come in handy during work gift exchanges, secret santas, white elephant, stocking stuffers and more. Most have a spending cap around $20-$25 which still leaves you with great options for a useful gift that will sure to please.

  • Create Your Own Reel Viewer

    • This may be my favorite gift of the year. This hits all the checkboxes in great gift giving. Its’ affordable, personal, nostalgic, and useful. If you were born in the 90’s or before you most likely remember Reel Viewers. Put the circular disc in the viewer and tiny pictures would be enlarged through the lens and you could scroll through multiple pictures. Well this brings that back with a personal touch. It comes with a code for you to upload your own pictures and they will send you a reel to put in your viewer that has your favorite pictures!

  • Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

    • This gift may not be for everyone but many people will absolutely love this gift. If you have a chef, or mixed drink expert on your list they will surely make use of this amazing indoor herb garden. Not only is it a gift that keeps on giving as they will always have fresh herbs at hand, it looks great in any home and adds a touch of nature.

  • Terrarium Candle

    • This combines two of my favorite gifts. Scented candles have always been a good gift but they seem to be only gaining in popularity. Candles are something everyone can use and appreciate. Terrariums have become very popular. They are low maintenance yet bring nature and class into a room. This combines the two for a practical and stylish piece to anyone's home.

  • Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

    • What this lacks in being personal it makes up for in usefulness. Whether you’re at a get together, in the shower, at the beach or wherever, you can listen to your favorite music with this easily portable and waterproof speaker. Nearly everyone loves music and having a speaker you can bring anywhere without worry of damage is a gift they will surely enjoy.

  • Kvirrta serving Stand

    • Remember dinner parties? Sunday football gatherings? It seems like forever since we’ve been able to gather with friends and family safely. One thing I can guarantee is whenever it is safe again, people will be gathering together at an all time rate. This serving plate is both practical, as you can organize and carry multiple foods, but also very aesthetically pleasing.

  • Ozark Trail Tumbler

    • If you don't have a tumbler cup you are seriously missing out. These can keep your drink hot or cold for hours. No more reheating or tossing coffee or watering down drinks with ice. While you probably have heard of Yeti brand, you can get the same quality for around a third of the price with the Ozark tumbler.

  • Mpow Universal Waterproof Phone Case

    • Lets face it, for most of us our entire life is on our phone. If you're technically savvy you probably have most of it saved to the cloud but even so, a broken phone can range from an annoying hassle to a total catastrophe with lost pictures, recipes, notes and more. Now if you’re going to the beach or waterpark, or if its raining you can have your phone on you with no worries.

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