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Favorite New Years Resolutions 2021

As 2020 comes to an end I think we are all more than ready to put this year behind us and focus on a brand new year starting fresh. While new year's resolutions are a common thing, they feel extra important this year as we have had an unprecedented year and the changing of the calendar is a perfect excuse to wipe the slate clean. The best part about resolutions are you get to make the rules for yourself. You can be as strict or lenient and can make your goal as achievable or hard to reach as you’d like. Just focus on one thing or area you want to improve on or spend more time doing and commit. Just to put us on the right path I looked up and organized some of my favorite 2021 new year's resolutions below!

  • Curate your social media

    • Whether you research how to increase; happiness, productivity, positive thinking, self improvement or about anything positive you will most likely see a paragraph or more dedicated to deleting or at least focusing your social media. A lot of us spend a good amount of time on social media. This can be a good thing but usually it does more harm than good. Take the time to go through who you follow and clean it up. Anyone that doesn’t provide a benefit to you or your life isn’t an account you need to be following. Social media can be a powerful tool if utilized right!

  • Rearrange, declutter, or redecorate your space.

    • If you’re anything like me you have probably spent more time in your home this year than any year before. It looks like at least early 2021 will be much of the same. Take some time to really make your space your own. This will increase your overall mindset and productivity. Tailor your space to you. If you work from home set yourself up an office, a home gym or whatever brings you joy. A clean and focused space will drastically improve your everyday life.

  • Try Something New Each Month

    • I like this one a lot. No one says you only have to pick one resolution or it has to be changing something. Use every month as a new starting point and spend that month learning or trying something new. Maybe learn to cook in January and try a new streaming service in February. You can learn to garden one month or pick up golf when it gets nice out. Maybe pick out a different local restaurant or attraction to visit every month. This one doesn’t lock you into anything long term and chances are over the year you will find a few things that you end up sticking with and become a great part of your life.

  • Support Local businesses

    • 2020 was a stressful time for many of us but maybe none more than small business owners. Between having their hours affected, being forced to close and countless other forced changes they have dealt with blow after blow. I’ve always been a proponent of shopping at small businesses. They are your neighbors and they put care and effort into their products and services because their businesses are their life. They put their name behind it and that’s something you can't find anywhere else. The fact is too, with these challenges this year many small businesses have adapted and increased their online presence or joined delivery services. They are more reachable than ever and we should take advantage of that.

  • Send Birthday Cards

    • This one is simple, cheap and not time consuming but I promise it will be one of the most fulfilling. With the rise of social media and the increased distance between friends and family, birthday wishes have mostly been relegated to a prewritten message on someone's page. While it’s still appreciated, there is a sense of personal touch missing. Start sending your loved ones cards for their birthday this year with a short personal message inside. This will stand out and make the recipients day!

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