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Favorite Holiday Gathering Games

So I’ve been looking for an idea to make my family's gatherings more entertaining and enjoyable. They’re already great with awesome presents, amazing food and wonderful family. But as a family full of has-been athletes with overly competitive egos, we need something to fill our competitive needs. So I have scoured the deepest and darkest depths of Twitter, Tik Tok and all the other social media sites to find my 5 favorite games to play with my family. Now a lot of thought went into this. I couldn’t just pick the best 5 games. Some were not age appropriate, some were not weather appropriate, and some were amazing but would have been a lot of time and money to put together. This being the first year, I figured I would start off small. Find games that are fun but easy to set up, complete and clean up. Every year as we get more comfortable we can add more games and more intensity. So every game on here is something you can put together and organize in no time. They’re easy to explain and fun for people young and old. There's multiple ways to keep score. I am going to do point totals and then the person with the most points from all the games combined is the overall winner! Make sure to comment if there's any fun games I missed!

  1. Oreo Face- This one is probably the easiest to set up and cheapest. It’s also a classic. All you need is an Oreo cookie! Each person leans their head back and places an oreo on their forehead. Without using anything but your face the first person to maneuver the cookie from their forehead into their mouth is the winner! You will definitely want to record this one as the faces people make during the challenge are hilarious!

  2. Toilet Paper Pull- This is probably the one I’m most looking forward to trying! It looks so difficult! So each person unrolls enough of a toilet paper roll that it covers the length of the table. At the far end opposite of the you and the roll, place a completely full cup of water on top of the very end piece of the toilet paper. Each person then tries to reel in the toilet paper and drag the cup across the table back to them. If the water spills too much it will fall and wet the toilet paper to the point it rips and your game is over. The person who pulls their cup the farthest towards them wins. If multiple people win, the person who pulled it completely across the table the fastest wins!

  3. Pencil Grab- This is another easy one to set up. Start with a low number of pencils. Place them on the back of your hand and balance them. Throw them up in the air with the back of your hand and in one motion try to catch them all with the same hand on the way back down. This game has rounds and each round you will increase the number of pencils until one person is left standing as the winner.

  4. Ping Pong Roll- Tape two cut open tissue boxes on the outside edge of one end of the table. Two red solo cups in between those and a paper towel roll tube in between the cups. They should have space in between and in order go; box, cup, tube, cup, box. The boxes are worth 1 point. The cups are worth 5 and the tube is worth 25! (You can use more containers, different point totals, or more balls) Each person then rolls 5 ping pong balls across the table and tries to get them to roll off the end of the table into one of the containers. The person with the highest point total wins!

  5. Bottle Flip Tic-Tac-Toe- A twist on a classic! You can do this one on one or in teams. It’s easy. You just play tic-tac-toe but in order to place a piece down you have to complete a water bottle flip. Whether you do teams or solo you just make this a round robin competition and the winner of the last matchup is the overall winner!

  6. Candle Blow- Line up as many tea light candles as you can across your table in a straight line with a decent amount of distance in between. Stand at the end of the table and blow as hard as you can. Each candle you blow out is a point.

  7. Bottle Slide- If you have a big table you can use that, if not a hardwood floor works well too. Mark your table/floor with tape into equal sections. Each section has an increasing point value with the last section before the end of the table being the highest value. (Off the table is 0 points). Each person slides 3 bottles across the table and the highest point total is the winner.

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