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Summer Activities

I don't care when Summer officially starts. Were starting to see those 80 plus degrees days and I'm ready for beach season! Warm weather, sun shining, and it just feels like everyone is in a better mood! Previously, I shared a blog on how to beat the heat and I thought this is the perfect time to follow up with activities you can do here on the eastern shore during summer. While the eastern shore is amazing all year around nothing beats a summer by the water. So while those temperatures keep rising lets make sure our activity levels do as well. So grab your friends or family and make sure you make the most of the beautiful weather this summer! Don't forget to comment and let me know what activities you are looking forward to this summer!

Have a Movie Night- This can even be a weekly thing. Gather the family pick out a new release or take turns picking one of your favorites and spend a relaxing night together. With the Vankyo Leisure 430 1080P Projector, Screen, & Tripod you can turn your movie experience into a theater like experience. Set it up indoors or outside and watch all your favorites. The new Holyoke sectional is big enough for the entire family! 

Enjoy the beatuiful Eastern Shore- From Delaware to Maryland to Virginia the Eastern Shore is a beautiful place with beaches, parks, trails and so much more. Now is the perfect time to pack a lunch and have a picnic and enjoy one of the many amazing places on the eastern shore like Assateague Island, Smith Island, National Wildlife refuge, Rehoboth, St. Michaels, Chincoteague and more. No matter what you like the eastern shore has it. There is also amazing wildlife and a day of fishing or bird watching could be an relaxing and informative adventure.

Enjoy the Water- One great way to enjoy some free time is to get on the open water. The Eastern shore has oceans, rivers, bays and many other places to enjoy boating, parasailing, water skiing and more. With a lot of places closed or at half capacity being outside and enjoying the amazing aquatic beauties of the Eastern Shore is a simple and exciting fix. You don't have to worry about crowds and you may find something you really love. Water tubing and jet skiing are 2 of my favorites.

Be a Tourist- When living on the Eastern Shore we might take advantage of all of its beauty and history and excitement. Pick an area you live in or around and make a day list of sights and activities that someone visiting the area would enjoy. This will give you new appreciation for things you might regularly over look or have not had the time to do recently. With the rich history of the Eastern shore this could be a fun weekly event that could be extremely informational. My recommendation is starting in Cambridge at the Harriet Tubman Museum!

Make a summer bucket list- Summer will soon be flying by but there is plenty of time to start planning and make it memorable. Now is the perfect time to think about all the things you want to do and see by the end of summer and make a bucket list. Or you can make a bucket list of all the things you want to do as soon as we are back to normal! It'll give you things to look forward to and when everything opens back up you will have no trouble figuring out what to do!

Spend time with your pets!- If you already have a pet this is an easy one! A lot of people are spending more time at home this summer. Its the perfect time to spend with your pets. Working from home I constantly find myself playing fetch with my dog while typing away. Most people live busy lives so we should take advantage of this extra time at home and I know your pets will appreciate all the extra attention. If you don't have a pet now is a perfect time to adopt! The Eastern Shore has numerous great resources to help you find the perfect pet for you!

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