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  • Ryan Hogue

Some More Great Life Hacks

Hey everyone! Hope you guys are having an awesome Friday and an amazing holiday season. It's been a while since I put out another edition of my life hacks blog. I felt like we were overdue. Plus with the stresses of holiday shopping and all the hustle and bustle of the season, I think we could all use a life hack or two. I mean who doesn't want their life made a little easier?! The life hack side of social media has quickly become one of my favorites to indulge myself in. You can keep your dancing and lip syncing videos, give me a video that shows me how to do something in half the time or with half the effort and I'm in. Especially when it helps with something you do regularly or is a huge pain. I'll take any idea or thought on how to make my day a little more simple. Previously when I posted these you guys messaged in with some of your favorites and they were great! I even used a few throughout the year. I'm looking forward to hearing any new ideas or hacks you've come up with our found.

  • When making toasted sandwiches. put two pieces of bread in one slot so the outside gets nice and toasted but the inside stays soft and chewy. It quickly makes the perfect sandwich bread for BLTs or any other toasted sandwich!

  • To stop receiving unwanted emails search "unsubscribe" in your email search bar and all those annoying marketing and spam emails will be gathered in one place for you to quickly unsubscribe and delete.

  • If you're tired of extension cords unplugging simply tie them together before plugging them in. This helped out tremendously when I was working construction. It's so frustrating to have to stop what you're doing to go back an plug something back in. When looped together they no longer will come apart.

  • Proofread your own writing sentence by sentence backwards. That way your brain doesn’t infer what you actually meant to write and you’re more likely to catch your errors!

  • Mason jar salads. Salad dressing on bottom, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes next so they marinate a bit. Top with lettuce or spinach so they don’t get soggy. You can make them ahead of time for the week. I can't tell you how useful this hack has made lunch for me!

  • The tag on a fitted sheet goes bottom left. So instead of trying to figure out long and short side, and always get it wrong and have to rotate sheet….just look for tag and put it bottom left.

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