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  • Ryan Hogue

My Favorite Winter Décor Trends

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween filled with tons of candy and scares! We're now in the month of November and winter is right around the corner. We still have a few more weeks of fall left to enjoy but you can never be too prepared. If you've read my blogs before you're probably well aware that winter is in fact not my favorite season to put it nicely. I'm not a big fan of the cold temperature, snow and especially nights getting dark at 4:30 pm every night. With that said one thing winter does do is make me appreciate the indoors a little more for a few months. With that in mind, it's the perfect time to go all out on your interior design and décor. I have read numerous sources featuring the popular winter design trends of 2023. Out of all of them I picked my top 5 favorite and decided to cover them for you. As you know, these are my personal preferences and you can use them as a jumping off point or inspiration into making your home reflect you this winter. And I always love to hear your guys thoughts and ideas on what you're doing with your winter décor so don't hesitate to comment or message in!

Earth Tones- As these posts always do, let's talk about color. The color of a room can change it's entire dynamic. This winter we are seeing a heavy dose of earth tones. Think neutral browns, tans and off whites. These really open up a room and your accent options really open up. You can make a statement with bold accent pieces or keep it neutral and allow the room to flow as one. It also looks well with natural wood and metal pieces. This looks good in a bedroom or living room and will help set up a nice cozy space for winter.

Textured Walls- A lot of people are experimenting with textured walls. Weather you're using textured paint or wallpaper this look really draws the eyes in a room. Some people are doing an entire room textured while others are doing one accent wall. I love both looks. The textured walls create visual interest, have character and make a room feel very homie. Wallpaper once seemed to be dated is making a strong come back this winter.

Attention to detail- While you're spending all this time inside it's the perfect chance to pay close attention to the details. We're talking about the little things that may go overlooked but when you plan it all out and make an effort they can really change or improve a room. Centerpieces on tables, candles, pictures on walls and mirrors are some of my favorite. I love carefully placed shelves and artwork that really make a wall pop. Throw pillows and decorative pieces also can transform a room from normal or boring to extravagant.

Knitted/Quilted Materials- I don't know about you but nothing screams winter more than a quilted or knitted blanket wrapped around you as you sit by the fire. I love flannel print blankets draped over a couch. It makes me warm and cozy just thinking about it. The textured material really stands out in a room. You can also have knitted and quilted throw pillows to match. This is a huge boost of nostalgia for me too as every winter my grandparents would always bring out the knitted pillows and blankets. You could also turn this into a fun diy project or date night.

Leather- This one was probably the most shocking to me. I have been doing these lists every season for nearly 3 years now and I don't think I've ever seen leather mentioned. But it's back and in more ways then you think. Yes the normal leather couch or entire set is an option but many are adding a leather chair or ottoman to an existing living room set that's not leather. This really stands out and makes a room pop. The piece will definitely draw eyes as soon as someone enters the room.

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