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  • Ryan Hogue

What's Goin' on at My Way Leases

Like I did a month or so a go I'm going to take a week long break on the Get to Know blog as I find some new interesting and exciting questions. But don't worry it will be back Friday with a brand new feel and another awesome My Way Leases employee. This week I wanted to highlight some fun new things My Way Leases has going on that involves YOU! If you subscribe to our email list or our social media pages you may have seen some of these things talked about a little and you're likely to hear about them a bunch more. I'm super excited for these and think it'll be great times for everyone.

Starting off we are bringing back the referral competition! Anyone who refers someone to My Way Leases will get their name put in a hat, one time for each referral, and we will draw a winner to receive a $50 gift card! This is so easy! You love My Way Leases, I'm sure you know people who could use some new furniture, appliances and electronics. You tell them about us, they get an awesome deal, you get the chance to win $50!

We are also hosting a Halloween costume contest at each of our locations on Saturday October 30th from 10am-6pm. This will be family friendly event with music, candy, movies and more. Get your most creative costumes out and come check out some awesome holiday deals and get submitted into the costume competition to get a week off your account. You will also be able to vote for your favorite employee costume to help them win a prize!

This is one I'm really excited about. Starting next week I will be going to the stores one by one and asking them to take turns drafting a "Mt. Rushmore list". Each week will have a different topic like; best fast food burger, best vacation spot, best holiday food. One by one the stores will alternate picking what they think is best. By Friday I will have each stores top 4 list and will share it with you guys who will then vote on your favorite. We will do this weekly with tons of fun topics and keep track of which store has the best tastes and opinions! Eventually I'd like to get enough interaction from you guys to have you create your own list and see if you can get more votes than the stores!

Lastly, we want to feature more of you guys and your awesome purchases, decorating skills on our website, social pages and blogs! So we will be reaching out to some of our top customers asking if they'd like to be featured or submit anything but we are also always looking for volunteers. If you have any pictures you want to share or any decorating you want to show off or even want to write a guest blog on here make sure to email me at!

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