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Things I'm Looking Forward To In June

And just like that another month has just about flown by. Just like last month I thought I’d preview some things to look forward to this month. I don’t know about you but for me May was a great month. Weather was a little crazy (98 degrees one day and 68 degrees two days later) but other than that I can not complain. I was even able to get down to Ocean City for a couple of days this month and enjoy the nice weather. Loved being able to comfortably sit outside at restaurants again. Hoping that June stays somewhat cool and we can hold off on the scorching heat of summer for a little bit longer. As for what I’m looking forward to in June it’s a little bit of everything. Some sports, some family time and of course a little bit of celebrating! With work, responsibilities and life in general keeping us so busy and preoccupied, I really like making these posts because it gives me some things to mark on my calendar and keep me motivated through the month. These are also my favorite posts to hear back from you guys on! I’ve gotten numerous ideas of things to do from people commenting and telling me about other stuff going on that month. So keep them coming! I know there's some things going on this June that I’m missing!

Start of Summer- June 21st is officially the start of summer. As you all know, me and my fair skin are not as enthusiastic about summer as some but even I can appreciate warm weather, bright sun and people out and about. I mean if you can’t you really shouldn’t be on the eastern shore. It was built for the summer months. We’re about to enjoy days on the boat, hanging out at the beach and best of all those warm summer nights where the sun goes down and you're not freezing! Most people probably have a summer vacation to look forward to as well!

Nba Draft- This is me just being a tortured sports fans. As you all probably know I root for the Washington DC area teams as well as the Baltimore Orioles. So in my 30 years of life (especially the later years) I have had little to nothing to root for. Here I am again, counting down the days until the NBA Draft hoping that it provides my team with the missing piece to help them win. If you know anything about the Washington Wizards and their draft history, it’s non likely that will happen. But that’s what sports are all about.

Jays Welcome Home Event- June 3rd the city of Salisbury will celebrate one of its brightest when they welcome home Jay Copeland from American Idol with a celebration fitting of his stardom! This will be his first ever solo concert and will take place at the Tidal Health Stage. The event will feature music, food entertainment and more and will be free to the public! So make sure to come out and support one of Salisbury’s own!

Fathers Day- Just like mother's day I love any chance to show appreciation to the people that raised me. And while I love some mimosas and charcuterie boards, it’s hard to top the surf and turf menus that usually come with Fathers Day. I know we always have some combo of BBQ and seafood (usually crabs) and get the whole family together for a day of eating and playing various backyard games. It’s really as close to the perfect day I can think of.

Memorial Day/Ravens Beach Party.- I know, I know, I’m kind of cheating with Memorial day happening in May but I put it on here for a few reasons. 1. It hasn’t happened yet. 2. It’s worth noting and 3. I combined it with another event happening that next weekend. So I’m sure everyone has their Memorial Day plans figured out. If not, you better get on that! Or just give me a call, I could always have a few friends join me at the cookout on Monday. Then the very next weekend is the Ravens Beach Party in Ocean City. I am not a Ravens fan by any stretch of the imagination but I stumbled across this last year around this time when I just happened to be in OC in the same area as the party. Even wearing my Washington gear I was welcomed with open arms and only had to listen to a few well deserved jokes at my expense. This is another event with fun games, great music and awesome food.

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