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Summer 2023 Décor Trends

Happy Friday everyone! I know you've been feeling the heat recently and its official summer is here! While the high temperatures and beach traffic might not be ideal. I'd be lying if I didn't say summer was one of my favorite seasons to design around. So much potential for open space and bright welcoming colors. Like every season I thought I'd give you guys a preview into what's going to be in this summer. Of course these lists are always objective so you can either follow it, put your own twist on it or ignore it completely. The best part of home décor is you're doing it for yourself and no one else. Make your home look the way that makes you the most happy. Then once you have your home looking just the way you want it, break out the grill and the drinks and host a knock out party that leaves your friends asking when the next one is!

Relaxed coastal style-

What says summer more than relaxing on the beach. You can capture that same feeling with a relaxed coastal style. Some of the best ways to achieve this style comes with items like woven elements, light woods, baskets, natural fiber rugs, and easy-care slipcovers in fabrics like cotton and linen. If you stick with blues and whites this look can transition seamlessly from season to season. Coastal highlights clean lines and simple yet elegant designs but focuses on relaxation and comfort!


I've been doing these lists for a while now and I think this is the first time I've put stripes on here but after reading some blogs and checking out some designs, I have been sold on stripes. Stripes are a common summer theme and people feature them in every room in their home. No matter what room you are decorating, adding striped pillows, throws, or rugs will infuse a timeless style and appeal to your home.


I've been featuring one new age, usually found on Tik Tok, trend and this time it's mermaidcore. This has gained immense popularity and doesn't seem to be losing steam. Mix that with the Little Mermaid hysteria and you have more and more people decorating their homes with an underwater theme. Utilizing things like shells, bubble lights, pearls and scalloped runners. Conch shells are also a great piece to utilize this look.

Golden Hour-

Face it, we are in an age of beauty and glamour and people who like to appreciate it. It seems everybody is putting themselves in front of a camera these days. And if you have you know how great golden hour is. I mean who wouldn't want perfect lighting. Well this summer people are capturing that in their homes. Think of rooms with sunset colors and gold highlights painting you in the most flattering light.

Bold Colors-

If you're just looking for a simple change and not trying to do a complete redecorate I always say a new coat of paint will do the trick. Bold colors are in this summer and are a simple but effective way to change the entire feel of a room or home. We've already gone over some color options in above styles but just using simple bold colors you can make a room pop and accentuate the glamour pieces in a room. Bold colors like bright reds, greens, blues and yellows can really make a home feel like summer.

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