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  • Ryan Hogue

Color trends of 2021 Part 1

If you are looking to give your home a fresh coat of paint this year then don’t skip this blog. As a new home owner, I am looking to update just about every room in my house with a new coat of paint. So I did some research on what are the trendy interior colors for 2021 and compiled a list of some of my favorites for you. If you followed the 2020 color trends don’t worry, they are still going strong and very in. However 2021 will see these colors and trends added to the list. Here’s part 1.

  • Jewel Tones

    • Jewel tones are known for their deep and bold features with a ton of personality. Their bright qualities provide inspiration and lift moods. This is great for those who are working from home. Refreshing and reinvigorating and visually stimulating are some of the more common ways to describe jewel tone rooms.

  • Seafoam Green

    • Green can be a hard color to make fit in a home. But seafoam green uses its soft, easy tones to bring the beautiful shade of green into your home without being overwhelming. It brings a relaxing and calming feeling like that of being at sea.

  • Urban Bronze

    • This gorgeous color from Sherwin-Williams can bring some of that nostalgic feeling as it ties into the designs of the 70’s and 90’s. However adding some gray undertones give this color a distinctive modern feel. It really pops when accompanied by natural materials like wood stone or woven textiles.

  • Pale Apricot

  • Like the seafoam Green this is a light and relaxing color. Made by Sherwin-Williams it looks great with an abundance of natural light and the slight pink and orange tones give it a warm feeling. It matches great with hardwood and yellow/white accents for an amazing sophisticated feel.

  • Neutral Walls with Colorful Art

    • For anyone who likes to change the look of a room throughout the year this one's for you. The neutral base makes it extremely flexible but the colorful artwork will make it pop. The artwork can be changed throughout the year to match your mood or the season or however you feel. Choose your favorite paintings or pictures and watch them stand out overtop a crisp white wall.

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