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Who is My Way Leases?

As an effort to continue to build our relationships with our communities and grow along with them, My Way Leases will feature a blog on the website. This is something completely new and unfamiliar but something we are also passionate about. We are always looking for ways to connect and communicate with our amazing current and future customers. With this being so new there's an unlimited amount of directions we could take this in. Eventually I would like to open up the blog for submissions from our customer base. If you have ideas about design, or decorating or even gaming and want it to be featured and shared then let's work together. My Way leases is all about the eastern shore and we want to see it continue to grow and prosper. But you have to start somewhere right? I spent hours researching interior design looking for ideas on what to write about. Then it came to me. Before I just jump in, it would probably be a better idea to let you all know who we are and what we believe in. If you’re on our website or Facebook page you probably can tell or already know we are a rent to own retail store that specializes in furniture, appliances, televisions and electronics. We are locally owned and operated and are known for our longstanding relationships with our customers. If you have to sum up who we are and what we believe in one word it would be community.

Luckily this is my blog and I make the rules so I will be using a few more than one word. Let us start at the beginning. My Way Leases was started in May of 2010 in Salisbury Maryland by Ben Noble. Ben was born and raised here on the eastern shore, graduated from Salisbury University. He used his knowledge of the area and the experience he gained working in the rent to own industry to improve the current business model and build his own store. With a lot of time and hard work he started My Way Leases and they hit the ground running. With his knowledge, drive and the help of some equally talented and hard working people, the store was successful, very successful. So successful that it led to another store, then another and another until we got to where we are today. 6 Stores. 6 locations. Seaford DE, Milsboro DE, Milford DE, Onley VA, Newport News VA, and of course Salisbury MD. From MD to DE to VA, My Way Leases had arrived on the shore. During the hiring process, Ben found managers and employees with a great mixture of talent, industry knowledge and local ties. From there, it was all about building connections by consistently providing great products with exceptional customer service.

Just like the eastern shore we are always striving to grow and be better. This year we decided to try and be as much a part of the community as we possibly could. So far this year we have joined the Chambers of Commerce, are holding customer appreciation parties at each of our locations, Purchased a booth at the Latin amercian festival in September, bought prizes to give away and will be donating sofas, T.V’s, and game systems to the lounge area of the Governors Challenge. We have improved our social media presence on Facebook as well as Instagram and Twitter. We also completely redid our website to make it more user friendly and added a chat window so you can contact us at anytime and get a response. There is still much more planned as well. There’s many differences between large chains and locally owned and operated stores but the main difference is the connections and ties to the communities. We all are invested in seeing the eastern shore continue to flourish. When you spend money at My Way Leases its as if you are putting money back into your community. We work with local apartment complexes and other small businesses in an effort to keep our communities improving. To sum it all up, we wouldn't be here without the great people of the eastern shore and we want to make sure we are showing our appreciation to all of you and doing our part to help the eastern shore continue to prosper.

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