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What are you looking forward to?

We asked you guys what you were looking forward to doing most when everything is safe and open again. We got a bunch of great answers and with that compiled a list so that you know that while this may be a hassle we all have so much to look forward to. As most can assume we were flooded with people saying the first thing they want to do is come visit their friends at My Way Leases but we decided to leave that out since it seems like everyone is on the same page there. But here is a summary of all the other (slightly less exciting) things people are looking forward to!

Being able to go outside again-Whether with others or by yourself. Some are just looking forward to being outside. “Going to the park, for a walk, to the mountains...anywhere really! This is really one of those small things we didn’t appreciate until it was taken away.” Said Katie from Virginia. 

School and youth sports- Parents, coaches, kids. It doesn’t matter who you are, you most likely miss school or sports. From elementary to college school is a place to see your friends and learn and compete. Personally I wouldn’t trade my years playing youth sports for anything and when these kids are able to get back to playing and learning I think they will have a newfound appreciation for school and sports and we will see a new level of focus and intensity. “I miss watching my kids and their friends compete every week. Sports teaches you so many lessons and is such a big part of kids' lives. I can’t wait for things to be back to normal and they can get back at it” said Robert from Delaware.

Sports and Entertainment- Oh how much we took for granted. Sports was something that in some shape or form was there every day for you as an escape. No matter what your sport or team you could always count on some type of entertainment value every day from sports,from going to games, watching them on TV to arguing about whose team or what player is better.

“You could always count on sports. Every night something happens in the sports world and at the very least you have something to talk about the next day.” Said Robby from Maryland. Sports aren’t the only form of entertainment that has been affected by this. Concerts are another thing many are looking forward to movies and TV shows being able to shoot their upcoming features. Going bowling or golfing or fishing with friends. There's so much to look forward to being able to do!

The Beach/Seafood- Sun, sand, ocean food, breeze and did I mention food? It took me about 20 minutes to make that list as every thought caused me to sit and daydream about sitting on the beach with the warmth of the sun and sand and the refreshingly cold ocean water with endless amounts of seafood. The beach is an amazing place that millions use as an escape for the little time they have off from their hard working lives. “The beach is the first place I’m going to go once everything is open up. I look forward to the beach every year and those are years I have been outside my house already. After being inside for so long I can’t imagine how amazing the beach will be!” Said Sheri from Virginia

Bars- While this one may fall higher or lower on your list depending on who you are. Most people can agree that they can’t wait until they can gather with their favorite people and some strangers and enjoy a happy hour, or watch the game or just enjoy a night on the town. The shore has so many great bars that are great environments. I’m sure they will be packed as soon as people are allowed to gather. “The bars on the shore during the summer are a great place to be. It’s a great environment. A lot of people are here on vacation so everyone is in a great mood” said Maryland resident Dallas.

Restaurants- While carry out and delivery (minus the price) are convenient, if you're like me you are probably sick of eating at your table every night doing and seeing the same things. The shore is home to a large number of amazing restaurants and a lot of us have our favorites and we may even be considered a regular there. “I just want to be able to sit down in a romantic, or even non romantic setting, and just be able to eat out. It’s a small luxury but one of those things you don’t realize how much you appreciate it until it’s gone”, said Maryland resident Kristie.

Family- This is at the top of most lists. Whether it's just going to your parents house, visiting an elderly resident in assisted living, or getting together for a family gathering, in some way this outbreak has kept people from seeing their loved ones. Having your family time be through a digital screen or a window is hard. If anything though this should make us realize to appreciate and cherish the time we have with our loved ones. “My family and I gather for every holiday or birthday every year. It’s been so hard going this long not being able to be around them. I am thankful for technology and still being able to see their faces but it’s not the same” said Ed from Virginia.

Work- The word work usually has a negative connotation that comes with it. While some truly enjoy every minute at work, most people can admit that at least at times there is some unwanted stress or problems to deal with and you would give anything for some time away. Well now some of those same people have gotten that time away and realizing that they miss work more than ever. “I was one to complain as much as anyone. But like it or not, your co-workers become somewhere between friends and family. These are people you see nearly every day and you all have a common goal you're working towards. I have found myself missing them and the sense of responsibility and fulfillment that comes with a job.” Said Nicholas from Delaware.

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