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Top Valentines Date Ideas

Need a last minute valentines date idea that doesn’t feel last minute? Options limited thanks to Covid restrictions? Well you’re in luck. I went through numerous articles and websites and social media postings to find some great valentines date ideas for those who have yet to find that perfect night for their loved one all while staying safe. My goal was to find quick, inexpensive ideas that also show that thought and effort went into them and didn’t have you in the middle of a large group during a pandemic. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to show someone you love them! Without further adieu here's my favorite Valentines date ideas.

Dinner and Dancing

  • This one is so easy and will be sure to surprise your significant other. Cook them their favorite meal and set up the dining room for a romantic dinner. Once you're finished eating, take them to a predesigned part of the house that you’ve already cleared a dance floor on and watch as they wonder what's about to happen. If you both already know how to dance great! Put on your favorite music, dim the lights and enjoy a romantic night of dancing. If you don’t know how to dance even better! Put on a virtual dance class and create a new hobby together as you learn the moves!

Sip and Paint

  • This is usually done in a remote location but due to covid this idea has actually been made more convenient. They now offer paint classes online! So go to your local arts and craft store and get some paints and canvases and set them up along with your guys favorite drinks! As someone who has little to no art skills I can tell you that these classes can make the worst painters look good! And regardless it’s always a great time no matter how their paintings turn out. Plus it’s something you made together and you both will love no matter what!

Chocolate Making Class

  • It seems like nearly every valentines plan includes chocolate. Well skip the boring old grocery store chocolate and really make a memory with a masterclass in chocolate-making. Spend the night learning directly from the pros of NYC's Roni-Sue’s in a virtual class and enjoy 12 delicious truffles. This is a fun activity with an amazing pay off. And all proceeds of the class go to the Waterkeeper Alliance which "aims to preserve and protect water by connecting local Waterkeeper organizations worldwide and promoting outspoken, citizen-led advocacy.”

Start a scrapbook

  • If you’re like me and you keep a lot of sentimental things and take a lot of pictures then this is the perfect Valentine's Date for you. Grab your ticket stubs to any movies, concerts or events you’ve gone to together. Any cards or letters you’ve exchanged and get yourself a digital photo printer that hooks up to your phone so you can print out your favorite pictures together and spend the night making a relationship scrapbook.

Wine tasting

  • This is easy and will be sure to make a fun night. Get a small assortment of your guys favorite wines or drinks and have an in -home tasting. Do some research about which chocolates or meats/cheeses/fruits go best with each drink and make a charcuterie board. This will please your significant other as well as your palate!

Have a cook Off

  • This is one of the most fun ideas on the list and you can make a day of it! Make the rules ahead of time and both head to the grocery store. Now split up and go get all the ingredients you need for your special dish. Now go back home and depending on your rules either set your timer or just get started. Soon you will both have made your secret dishes. Split them in half and enjoy a great meal while you determine who wins the cooking competition!

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