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Top Halloween Costume Ideas

Happy Friday everybody! We're about a week away from Halloween!! I already know everyone has gotten or is getting their costumes ready for the My Way Leases costume contest! Don't forget we will be giving away coupons for $100 off your next agreement to anyone who comes in to a My Way Leases store on next Saturday, October 29th. Also anyone who wants to participate will be able to get their photo taken and the costume with the most votes will get a $100 Visa gift card! You definitely don't want to miss out on that. Also make sure to go to our Facebook page after October 29th to vote on your favorite customer and employee costume. The employee with the most votes will also get a prize! With Halloween being so close and many of us being procrastinators I thought I might help out a little and make a blog featuring my five favorite costume ideas for this year. There's so many options from the classics like a vampire or ghost to more culturally relevant costumes like Ted Lasso or a character from Top Gun (be prepared to see this a lot, that's my guess for most common costume this year). So I've gone through list after list and finally narrowed it down to my favorites. So if you still haven't figured out what you're being this year make sure to check out the options below. You might see something you like or it may help spark an idea for a unique costume of your own. Don't hesitate to comment or message if you have any great costume ideas you want shared!

Operation' Costume- I love this one. Now I have to be honest I may be dating myself with this recommendation (Do kids still play operation?) but regardless its a great costume idea. All you need is a gray sweat suit and some red and white felt. Then cut the felt into the pieces from the game and apply the "parts" to your body. Bonus points if you use Velcro and make the pieces removable!

Camp Counselor Costume- Again I'm starting to feel old now. Kids still go to summer camps right?! I'm pretty sure they do! Either way this is a great and simple costume that will both be recognized and loved. Anyone old like me apparently will instantly know what you are dressed as and most likely be flooded with memories from when they went to camp or were a counselor themselves. All you need is some tight khaki shorts, tennis shoes, a tight shirt (preferable a camp shirt) and a head band/wristbands. Bonus points for a whistle and clip board!

Letter Board Costume- I had never seen this before but I love it! All you need is a white t-shirt, some pre cut letters and Velcro! You can customize whatever message you want to show up with and then allow people to add and take away letters to make a message of their own. This is guaranteed to be a hit and will have people begging to get a picture taken with you and their custom message!

Gumball Machine Costume- I don't know why this costume has stuck out to me but I saw it on multiple websites and saved it every time. It looks good on adults, kids, men and women. Everyone should have at least experienced a gumball machine once in their life so this should be a highly recognizable costume that looks a lot more time consuming than it really is. All you need are some colored mini poms and some red, black and white felt. Use the felt to create a gumball machine and then use the poms to represent the gumballs! Bonus points if you carry real gumballs and dispense them as people unavoidably try and use the machine!

The Price Is Right Contestant-I will finish with the most simple yet by far my favorite costume I've found this year. If you're close to my age you probably grew up watching reruns of The Price is right over and over on Saturday mornings/afternoons. From Bob Barker to Drew Carey the show has held up as a timeless classic. All you need for this costume is normal clothes (I'd try and dress like the 90's as this was the peak of the price is right in my opinion) and a yellow name tag like they wore in the show. Best part of the costume is it gives you an excuse to get super hyper and excited throughout the night as if Bob Barker just told you to "COME ON DOWNNN!!!).

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