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  • Ryan Hogue

Things to Look Forward to in 2022

It feels like yesterday I was writing about things to look forward to in 2021. Yet, here we are. 2021 is coming to an end and we’re mere hours away from turning the calendar on an interesting year. After 2020 hit us like a ton of bricks, 2021 started with plenty of hope for a better year. And while some good things did happen, I’d think most agree were not as far out of the woods as we all hoped we would be entering 2022. Many of us had hoped that 2021 would be the end of Covid and would bring back social gatherings that don’t require masks and worry. With new variants and rising numbers to end 2021 we now enter the new year with the same hopes. However as serious as Covid and the response to it is, other things did happen and life will continue to happen. A lot of the things did go great last year like the Summer games, UEFA Euro Championship, a great year for tv and movies and much more. Like 2021 we are still looking forward to more quantity and quality visits with friends and family without as many worries and precautions. But we are also looking forward to much more. Take a look at a few of the things I am excited about for 2022 and let me know what you are looking forward to!

2 Blood Moons!!

Two total lunar eclipses, also known as "blood moons," will be visible in the U.S. and other continents on May 16 and Nov. 22. The next total lunar eclipse won't happen until 2025.

The Olympics are back again!

Fresh off watching the Summer games in Tokyo that were moved back a year, due to COVID-19,we will get to enjoy the Winter Games in Beijing in February 2022. Who's ready to cheer on the US?

The World Cup

Get ready for the men's World Cup in November and December 2022. Teams will be competing in Qatar. The U.S. Men's National Team will play qualifying matches in January, February and March, in hopes of landing a spot in the World Cup. The men's team gets better every year and with that comes higher and higher expectations. Having a highly competitive national soccer team would be great for America.

New TV/movies

Covid-19 threw off the production schedules of a lot of great movies and shows. We started to see them come back in 2021 but we should see an even bigger year of entertainment in 2022. Look out for a "Lord of the Rings" reboot series, "Game of Thrones" prequel "House of the Dragon," three "Star Wars" spinoffs-- "Obi-Wan Kenobi," "Rangers of the New Republic" and "Andor," and a live-action remake of "Avatar: The Last Airbender." And we will also get closure to some of our favorite recent shows. Fans of "This is Us," "Better Call Saul," "Ozark" and "Dead to Me" will all wrap up their stories this year. And in the movie scene Avatar 2 will make it’s highly anticipated debut to the big screen this in 2022.

Shopping efficiency

If one good thing came from the pandemic it’s companies re-evaluating how they do business and making it more convenient for the shoppers. Look for more personal deals and shopping experiences tailored to you. Companies will be keeping you up to date with the latest deals and products through personalized email and text campaigns. Online shopping will be easier and more efficient. Companies are also emphasizing social media and transparency. At My Way Leases we have a customer satisfaction and new product survey that weighs heavily into our choices for what products to offer and what kind of deals our customers want.

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