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  • Ryan Hogue

The Perfect Football Party

Happy football season everyone. It’s the most wonderful time of the year despite what some catchy winter songs might have you think. You no longer have to work all week to get to the weekend and wonder what you were looking forward to about the weekend anyway. LIFE HAS A PURPOSE AGAIN. Now you can break your back, pour out your blood sweat and tears at work all week knowing it’s worth it because during those glorious 48 hours of Saturdays and Sundays during the months of approximately September to January, it is all worth it. Everything is right in the world. You have reached pure bliss. Even the worst day watching football beats the best day doing anything else. Team lost by 40? Its cool, still get to watch football and oh look your fantasy team is on it’s way to a payday and a year of bragging rights over your friends.

There's significant planning that goes into the hosting a great football Sunday. I break it down into these categories. Entertainment, Food/drink, Seating/presentation and Extras. Now I’m not saying there’s only one way to watch football. I mean I’ve enjoyed football on a 12 inch black and white dial tv, (if any kids are reading this google it...who am I kidding there's no kids reading this), the radio even fantasy play by play. Whatever it took. I am not proud to say I have skipped weddings, parties, family get-togethers (sorry mom), in fact if you name a responsibility I have probably skipped it in the name of football. My priorities may be in the wrong order but you can’t tell me I don’t have them straight. Anyways, While there is a million ways to enjoy the greatest sport/game/idea/invention of human times, this is how I believe you can maximize that golden 48 hour window without spending a fortune.


Let's start with the obvious. You want as much screen as possible. There should be at least one high definition big screen. Such as a Samsung or LG 75” UHD TV (available at your local My Way Leases store). This TV is dedicated to the homeowners favorite team. This TV will be the one with the volume entirely to loud and be located directly across from the kings throne, aka the recliner, but we’ll get to that later. At this point it depends on how many fans of different teams you have and if you all play at the same time but I go with 2 32”-50” TV’s with other games on, muted of course. This usually assures little to no down time where at least 1 game isn’t going on. And halftimes usually slightly overlap giving you a perfect 5-10 minute break apart from waiting for 15 minutes without any action. Next each person should have either a laptop or tablet or smartphone for following fantasy and updates on games you aren’t watching. You are now fully submerged in the glory that is football and have maximized your entertainment potential while minimizing boredom.


This is where you can really put your own touch on it. Some people do something different every Sunday. Others have traditions and even superstitions and have the same spread every Sunday. There are a few staples of football Sunday that are always a safe bet. Pizza and wings are the headliners. I like to save these for the halftime break as they are messier and heavier. In my opinion you can’t top appetizers for football Sunday. Small, light, easy to move around with and you can sample a bunch of different types of food. A good buffalo and taco dip are must-haves. Meatballs, potato skins, mozzarella sticks are other great appetizer choices. You will probably find out that you need to double your recipe after the first time when they both are gone within the first quarter. And always overcook. People will be eating and snacking all day. And worse comes to worse you have some amazing leftovers for the Monday night game. It’s also not a bad idea to always have pretzels and chips laying around as well as a vegetable tray with dip. As far as drinks BYOB is always a safe bet. But as for the non alcoholic drink and something other than soda, take a half gallon of orange sherbert ice cream and put it in a larger serving bowl and add 4 litres of ginger ale and let it melt a little. This is an incredibly delicious drink that both kids and adults will love.


It’s important to know how many people are coming so you can plan ahead and make sure that not only is there enough comfortable seating but that the seating is arranged so that people can watch the screen they want. If you have the room a sectional like the Justyna Teak (pictured below) is great for seating a large number of people comfortably. The homeowner and party thrower will most likely be posted up in a recliner like the Linebacker DuraBlend recliner (pictured below) in perfect line with the big screen TV. For bigger parties or extra seating I like to make sure my kitchen chairs are comfortable enough to sit in for a few hours if need be.


This is where you make your party stand out and have people asking you every year to make sure you are still hosting football Sundays. Some people like decorations, to each their own but that’s not me. I just like to make sure there is always something to do so even if your favorite team is being blown out and your fantasy team is embarrassing you this week. I like to have cornhole and pong set up outside. Always have a football around. More than not watching that much football will give you the itch to go play a quick game until you realize how old you are and decide to just throw the ball around. I have a TV set up in another room with a Playstation hooked up. Sometimes when your teams disappoint you there's nothing else to do but put some control in your hands and beat down on the AI or some poor soul who challenges you unaware of the consequences. I also like to host some friendly betting to make the games a little extra interesting. This provides a little extra trash talk and interaction throughout the day.

There is no perfect football party, but this is close. And it will not cost a fortune to put on. Especially if you have the same people coming over all the time and are willing to chip in. Remember football season is all but so long. Don’t let February come and you wonder where all your weekends full of football and pure bliss went. Make the most of these special days and enjoy them in the company of some great people in the perfect football environment.

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