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Summer Bucket List

With Summer fast approaching and the weather warming up it’s hard to contain the excitement, especially considering most people had their summer drastically altered last year due to the pandemic, which is all the more reason to make the most out of this summer. Being located on the eastern shore means we have plenty of options of things to do that are all within driving distance for most of us. When I started thinking about and jotting down all the things I wanted to do this summer my bucket list quickly started to look like a scroll. Then I went to Google and unfortunately found hundreds of more ideas. I could dedicate every moment of every summer of the rest of my life and I don’t think I would finish the list. So due to time constraints I’ve decided to narrow it down to the 6 things I’m most looking forward to doing this summer. I figured 2 events per month was both fulfilling and reasonable. I can always add more if I have more time but this to me is a reasonable goal.

The Beach- I’ll start with the most obvious one first. I can not wait to get to the beach. And luckily for all of us, whether you’re in Maryland, Virginia or Delaware, there is a beach close by. Between Rehoboth, Chincoteague, Ocean City (where I’ll be going) and many more you have a bunch to choose from. I grew up going to Ocean City, Md and it’s also the closest to me so this is where I’ll be heading this summer. The great thing about Ocean City or the beach in general is there's so much more there than just the beach. Yes the Ocean and the sand is fun and relaxing and a great way to spend the day but I’m equally as excited for the restaurants and the boardwalk and the night life. I’ll definitely be checking out some seafood restaurants and probably end my night at Seacrets. I don’t go out much but Seacrets is definitely an experience unlike any other around here and worth checking out.

Busch Gardens/Water Country- I haven’t been to an amusement park in way too long. This is also one of the places I wouldn’t even think about going during the pandemic. Way too many people close together. However now that things are changing, I want to make a point to go to Busch Gardens/Water Country this summer. Going to an amusement park is non-stop enjoyment all day that takes little to no planning. You just show up to the park and enjoy the numerous rides and water features. My trick is to pick a day during the week because weekend lines can be a bit of a downer.

Attend an Outdoor Concert- Live concerts are back!!! I’m sure you’ve seen the posts about all the concerts and festivals starting back up this year. The great thing about our location is we’re close to many major cities like Baltimore, DC, Philly that often host concerts and festivals so the options are plenty. A concert is always a great experience and the outdoor ones are by far my favorite. So now is the time to look up your favorite artists or bands and see when and where they are performing and start making plans. You can even make a day trip of it and explore the city before seeing the concert!

Take a Road Trip- Some of you might say that this is something that could have been done during the pandemic. Not the way I like road trips. I like stopping in many little towns or cities along the way. It’s a way to see things and places I would normally never go to. And the past year had many things shut down, or partial capacity and it wouldn’t have been the same experience. Being it’s the summer and I’m not a huge fan of heat, I’m planning on making a trip north. I’ve never been past Pennsylvania so I am hoping to get to New York but that's just the destination. I’m super excited to see all the possibilities of places I can stop on the way. This one does take much more planning than the others but not only is it fun planning but it’s so worth it.

Wine/Beer tasting- As someone who doesn’t drink much this is something that I had never given too much thought. But after being dragged to a couple of wineries and breweries in recent years I realized the drinking is only a small part of what these places have to offer. In addition to their expertly crafted beverages that not only show off their hard work and imagination but represent the area as well, a lot usually have decent food options as well or at the very least someone in the group prepares an amazing charcuterie board. The day then consists of just having a relaxing time tasting different beverages and catching up with friends. Conversation flows as easily as the wine and before you know it hours have passed and you’re still enjoying yourself.

Go to a Ball Game- If you know me then you know the first and last thing I think about every day is sports. So when they announced that most stadiums will now be opening back up full capacity I may or may not have let out a high pitched shriek of excitement. They had been open to partial capacity but those limited seats were very much reflected in the pricing of tickets. Again location is a huge bonus for us on the shore as if all you want to see is a ball game you have plenty of minor league teams around the area. Personally, I am planning on going to Baltimore, catching up with a few college buddies during the day and then watching the Baltimore Orioles win (wishful thinking) a night game at the beautiful Oriole Park at Camden Yards. You don’t even have to like sports to enjoy the atmosphere of a baseball game. It’s a great time for any and every one. Oh and despite the ridiculous prices or health hazards, stadiums have some of the best low quality food you’ll ever eat!

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