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Summer 22 Décor Trends

It's the weekend again! And I for one could not be more excited! My mom is visiting and we have a beach day planned with dogs, friends and more! We are working on some home projects, more specifically painting and working on the flowers and vegetable gardens. With nice weather comes motivation to make some changes! Even though it's not technically summer yet it sure feels like it is! I thought this would be the perfect time to research and pass along my favorite summer trends hitting us these next coming months. As I always say during these trend posts, these are just some of my favorite current trends. I get they won't be for everyone or can be heavily altered to fit your situation. The idea here is really just to get come creative juices flowing and get some ideas and motivations for ways to upgrade my living area. This summer has some great trends that I'm already trying to incorporate at my home. I'm also eager to hear what some of you have going on for summer projects or if any trends have motivated you to change something up. So feel free to message, comment or reach out and share!

Stone- I understand if it's not for everyone but I personally love the look of stone inside the home. It's a great way to bring nature indoors but also have a clean, sturdy, professional look. Stone is making appearances on countertops, tables, accents, art and more. It's a trend that doesn't have to be overwhelming and can be done subtly. But it also has the ability to go big and be a main focal point of a room/home if you want it to. One of the best parts is it's versatility as it can be combined with many different styles and colors.

Indoor/Outdoor-This trend gained popularity the last couple summers as people were stuck indoors more and more. However, many experts believe this is just the beginning and this trend is here to stay. Many people have started to blur the lines of the indoor/outdoor spaces. The transition from inside to outside is no longer a clear transition. I personally have a back patio that's enclosed and I've turned it into another sitting room. One expert's advice is to treat every room like a sun room. We're talking, plants, sunlight, bright colors and fun exciting furniture.

Blue and Green- I always use at least one point to talk about the main color trends for the season. Which should be no surprise to many, this summers colors are blue and green. More specifically light, airy blues and natural greens that tie in all the earth and nature trends. These colors can really make a room pop. I'm currently painting a couple rooms in my home blue and my kitchens main color is green. They can stand alone and make a statement but they also look good where the rooms merge. I can sometimes find the bright, pastel like colors unsettling so the easy on the eyes of the blue and green is something I'm a big fan of.

Nature-This makes an appearance nearly every year and I don't see it changing soon. As the world gets more and more technical and advanced I think the need and want for nature in the home will only increase. Think about it, nearly everything is a computer now. You probably have a digital thermostat, Camera-doorbell, Alexa set up in at least one room, smart TV, I mean even fridges and stoves are going the "smart" direction. With all that technology and all those screens it's so nice to have a flower, or plant or tree right around the corner to remind you where we came from. It's humanizing to see life, real natural life in a home basically run and filled with robots (kind of joking, kind of not).

At home Tiki Bar- This may not be for everyone, If you don't drink then just skip over this part. But I had to put this in as a friend of mine has built a tiki bar by there pool and in my biased opinion it may be the coolest thing ever made. It's perfect for hosting and just screams good vibes. I have yet to be to a bar or party that is as fun, relaxing and exciting as the tiki bar. The best part is you can customize it to your liking. My friend went all out. Like I said it's right off the pool, they have all the bells and whistles including a blender for those frozen drinks that hit just right. And possibly the best part (coming from the hefty child in me) There's a grill built in for the perfect cookout. I promise you will have people begging for you to host nearly every weekend during the summer!

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