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  • Ryan Hogue

Spring Trends 2021

Hope the changing of the seasons is finding everyone in great health. It’s that time of the year again. Spring is here and it’s getting warmer and brighter. Many will be doing spring cleaning and it’s a perfect time to redecorate! I’m here to go over some of my favorite spring design trends for 2021. With so many getting vaccinated and places opening back up this is going to be a great year filled with a bunch of parties and get-togethers. Make sure your home represents you and your personality! From monochromatic rooms to industrial homes this list has a little bit of everything. And remember it’s no fun to follow exactly what someone says when designing your home. When I make this blog it’s just to get some ideas and inspirations for you to make your own!


    1. Do you have a bright, bold personality? Do you want to express it in your home? Well, you’re in luck. Maximalist designs are officially in. This is where you can make your room as loud and bright as you want. Featuring a mix of shapes, colors and textures, everything is tied together with one or two themes. One of the major stand outs with this style is painted furniture that really pops.

  2. Rustic Vogue/Cottagecore

    1. This made a big splash last year and is growing and expanding in styles and popularity. Anyone who loves modern style will love this. It works seamlessly with homes that have distinct features like exposed beams or original floors but can be incorporated in any home. Reclaimed wood is an attention grabber for this style. With people being in their homes so much this style has skyrocketed for its comfort and simplistic beauty.

  3. Distant shores

    1. Beach themes have always been an extremely popular trend but this year it’s getting a little twist. Tropical getaways have become the new beach home. Tropical leaf and floral print is matched with live tropical plants and flowers. Tropical bright colors mixed with soft monotones make this design stand out tremendously. With most people missing out on vacation the past year this is a great way to feel like you’re in the tropics every day! This also allows for a very creative outdoor set up to match your tropical inside!

  4. Industrial styling

    1. This is my personal favorite style. I’ve never been to New York, have no real desire to go to New York but I absolutely love the style of New York, specifically the small industrial apartments. Materials like brick, stone and metal are highlights of this style and mix with monotone neutral colors bringing a real city feel to any home. It makes a great space to live, work and host. This style is extremely clean and functionable and can have a great mix of vintage accents and modern twists.

  5. Monochromatic tones

    1. This one is on the list purely because I think when done right it’s absolutely stunning. I don’t think I have the guts to try it but I’m jealous of anyone who does. So if you're bold and daring and up for the challenge this one's for you. This trend has surged in popularity thanks to Tik Tok and social media personalities taking it and running with it. It features taking one color using it to design the entire room. People usually go with either pinks, yellows or blues and use different shades to add depth and dimension to the room. While this might sound overwhelming to some, it’s so visually appealing when done right. You can go safer with this trend too. Many go with say a light blue wall, rich blue furniture and accent pieces and wall art featuring shades of blue.

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