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Safety Tips For Trick-or-Treating

Happy Friday everybody! This month a lot of us will be celebrating Halloween with parties, haunted houses and of course, trick or treating! I will have a blog out next week featuring last minute costume ideas and hopefully that helps everyone has get their costumes ready for the My Way Leases costume contest! Don't forget we will be giving away coupons for 1 week paid on your next agreement to anyone who comes in to a My Way Leases store on Saturday, October 28th. Also anyone who wants to participate will be able to get their photo taken and the costume with the most votes will get a $50 Visa gift card! You definitely don't want to miss out on that. Also make sure to go to our Facebook page after October 28th to vote on your favorite customer and employee costume. The employee with the most votes will also get a prize! With Halloween landing on a Tuesday we have an entire weekend of Halloween to celebrate. Make sure to check your local event calendars as there's events going on Friday-Monday. While Halloween is mostly an awesome, fun and delicious holiday, like everything great there's always some risks involved. So I thought I'd take this blog and cover some safety tips for trick or treating this year!

Go in Groups-The old homage "there's safety in numbers" is as true on Halloween as any other day. Needless to say, trick or treating with friends and family is always more fun anyways but it also increases your safety. A group of people is a lot easier to spot than a single person and it's easier to keep track of each other if you stick to a buddy system. When a holiday centers around children walking up to strangers doors it's best to always be in a group.

Obey street signs/vehicle safety- Unfortunately we can't take cars off the road during trick or treating hours so everyone, drivers and trick or treaters, needs to be extra cautious. Always make sure to look both ways when crossing a road and be extra aware of your surroundings. Obey all street and traffic signs and never assume a driver can see you or will stop. There's no reason to rush Halloween so walk and take your time going from house to house. If you're driving this Halloween make sure to take extra precaution and always drive the speed limit. Expect to make sudden stops and try and avoid heavily trick or treated areas! If everyone takes the time to be cautious trick or treating can be a worry free event!

Glow Sticks/Reflective clothing- This has been a staple of my family since the first Halloween I can remember. We would have glow sticks hanging around our necks to make sure we were visible. This made keeping an eye on us easier for our parents and it also made sure people driving cars were more likely to notice us. Now they have glow stick necklaces, bracelets, glasses and about anything you can imagine. You can also wear something reflective so that when light hits you're impossible to miss.

Beware of open flames- It's no secret Halloween is synonymous with candles and fire. Every scary room you can think of usually includes darkness and maybe a candle or two. Many homes will have candles lit around their porches and driveways or in jack-o-lanterns. Those with flowing costumes like dresses or capes need to be extra careful around flames. Anyone whose used hairspray or anything else flammable also needs to take extra caution.

Check all treats- Every parent is different and if this isn't your first Halloween I'm sure you have your own method. My parents would always go through all our bags once we were done trick or treating before giving them back. Our general rule of thumb was nothing home made or self packaged. Anything opened or damaged was also thrown away. It may be a little overcautious but I've always lived by it's better to be safe than sorry. Also if you have any of those lame neighbors giving away toothpaste or toothbrushes feel free to throw those away out of principle. Dental health is important but it needs to know its place and that's every day but October 31st!

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