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  • Ryan Hogue

Ready For Spring?!

It’s starting to warm up again which I think most will agree is a welcomed change. We actually didn't have too cold of a winter but even the warmest of winters doesn't compare to spring weather. Nothing personal against winter but by the time March comes around I’ve had enough of the cold temperatures, gray days and early nights. Not to mention more and more people come out of there winter hibernation and the towns really come to life. I can't wait for the days in the 70's when I can work from my back porch with the sun on my face and a slight breeze. With it being the first day of spring I dropped all other blog ideas and knew I had to write about all that I’m looking forward to now that it’s warming up. So without further adieu here are the top five things I’m looking forward to as things warm up!

  • Warm Weather and Sun- I am so ready for the long days full of warm temperatures and sunshine. I can't wait to wear shorts and a tank top instead of pants and a sweatshirt. No more shivering even when wearing layer after layer. It’s scientifically proven that the weather can have an effect on your mood and overall happiness. I mean it’s so much harder to get motivated to do something when it’s freezing and gray. It’s not even that warm out but the sun and slowly rising temperature already have me working outside, going on daily walks with my dog and have me overall more enthusiastic about everyday life.

  • Nature- This is a big one because of where we are. The eastern shore is one of the most beautiful places on earth and you will never convince me otherwise. From the beaches to the farm land to the bay, not only is it gorgeous throughout but there are countless places to really take it all in. Some of these are well known like Assateague Island but if you take a drive or a hike you’ll have a hard time not stumbling upon a beautiful picturesque scene.

  • Spring cleaning/home projects- Early 20’s me would have slapped me if he read this. But if you have seen those commercials about becoming your parents I can tell you that is a lot more than an amusing commercial. As someone who looks forward to going to the grocery store or getting his car washed, it happens to the best of us. As a first time home buyer this past year I have listed ideas, made to-do lists, sketched blueprints, came up with shopping lists and am more than ready to get started on all the projects. While there’s some things I was able to do in the winter, now that it’s getting warmer there’s so much more I can get done particularly outside. And spring is the time to declutter the house and start fresh for the rest of the year.

  • Outside dining- One of the hidden gems of the eastern shore is the abundance of amazing dining options. Not only is the food amazing around here but restaurants really aced the dining experience. Many have amazing views and ambiances. Unfortunately in the winter it’s usually too cold for outside dining. Now that it’s warming up the people will again be able to dine and drink outside with a great view.

  • Getting on the Water-If you live on the eastern shore you most likely like water. If not you’re in the wrong place. It’s almost that time to head to your favorite fishing/crabbing spot and enjoy your lazy Saturday. People will begin breaking out the kayaks, canoes and boats and spend the day on the water. It might be too cold to go in the Ocean but that doesn’t mean you can’t start enjoying the beauty and relaxation of the beach.

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