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My Top 10 Thanksgiving Foods

Hey Everyone! Hope you're staying warm so far this winter. Can't believe it's the Friday before Thanksgiving again! Whether you're cooking for family or a friends-giving, food can make or break this holiday. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because one of it’s main focuses is family. The other main focus being food doesn’t hurt, but seriously, a day off in the middle of the week to enjoy good food with the people you love most is a great day to me. As usual, a meal amongst family brings up some heated debates. None more heated or important than the best Thanksgiving foods. . Also, online I’ve been seeing a lot of people having the same quarrel. So I’m here to throw my two cents into the debate. I decided to re-rank my top 10 Thanksgiving foods that I'm looking forward to this year. So keep reading to see where I stand on the hot topic and make sure to comment on where you agree or disagree!

  1. Mac and Cheese- I thought I knew 3 things were certain in life; Death, taxes and everyone loving mac and cheese. Out of nowhere this year I’ve heard some blasphemous mac and cheese slander. Listen, the only acceptable excuse is lactose intolerance. Other than that, I truly believe your taste buds are broken or the wrong person is cooking if you dislike mac and cheese. And anyone who says it’s just “Cheese and noodles” definitely needs to try a new recipe! When done right, it will be the first dish completely emptied guaranteed!

  2. Turkey- This may be a hot take but it’s got multiple stipulations to make it this high. Growing up, turkey would have probably been last on a list of foods I looked forward to on Thanksgiving. But that’s before I, 1 had deep fried turkey and 2 realized the secret to turkey. First of all, deep fried turkey is a game changer. If you don’t like the taste of turkey that’s one thing but you will definitely not be able to call deep fried turkey dry. Crispy on the outside and moist and juicy inside, deep frying has revolutionized Thanksgiving dinner. Also my secret and the reason turkey is so high on my list is, the day of Thanksgiving is mainly dark meat. Like chicken, I think dark meat tastes so much better than white meat. But the bonus is white meat makes amazing leftover sandwiches that you can enjoy for days after the holiday!

  3. Broccoli Casserole- If you know me you know anything smothered in cheese gets a huge bonus. This dish is simple but amazing. Broccoli covered in cheese and topped with crackers all baked to perfection. Seasoned well and this dish is a hit with most. You can customize and mix up the type of cheeses or crackers you use to provide extra twists. I like spicy food, so give me a ton of pepperjack.

  4. Scalloped potatoes- Not as popular as it’s mashed cousin but you know potatoes and cheese is always going to make my list. I’ve had some really bad scalloped potatoes but when done right, this dish will rival macaroni and cheese for the first dish to disappear.

  5. Mashed Potatoes and Gravy- Nothing groundbreaking but a staple of the holiday. Something about mashed potatoes just feels like home. Easy to make and hard to mess up, this is a dish that people might not fill up on but everyone will want some. Mix in some turkey with your mashed potatoes and gravy and now you’re onto something.

  6. Stuffing/dressing- This seems to be a dish either first or last on everyone's list. And as a contrarian, of course it’s right in the middle for me. It’s this high because like mashed potatoes, it’s a staple of the holiday. Personally, I think the stuffing that comes out of the turkey is just ok and doesn’t really move the needle for me. But I always make an extra serving of Stove Top stuffing, and call me simple or basic or whatever you want, but that stuffing is undefeated.

  7. Corn Bread- Every thanksgiving needs some type of bread dish. Many have rolls or biscuits but cornbread is my favorite. Sweet and savory, it goes so well with all the other dishes.

  8. Anything sweet potato- I didn’t grow up with sweet potato dishes on the Thanksgiving menu but through some cooking experiences of my own I’ve become a huge fan. Whether it’s pie, glazed, casserole, candied or however you make them, sign me up.

  9. Rolls- Nothing spectacular in itself, rolls are again a staple of the holiday. Most people will probably grab one or two by nature without even thinking about it. But what puts rolls on my list is the fact that they are clutch in making leftover sandwiches out of the turkey and ham.

  10. Ham- Turkey or ham, ham or turkey. That seems to be the main debate when it comes to Thanksgiving. If I had to choose, it’s definitely Turkey. It just wouldn’t feel like Thanksgiving without it. But preferable the holiday feast would feature both. And if that’s the case, like I said before I’m favoring the dark meat turkey hard the day of. But leftover ham is right up there with the white meat in terms of making elite leftover sandwiches the next few days.

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