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My Favorite Tech Gifts

In our next segment of gift ideas we are going to look at some of the cool technology available this holiday season. Most people use technology from the minute they get up to the minute they go to sleep. Even if you are old fashioned it’s nearly impossible to function in today's society without the use of technology. And it’s only getting more and more integrated with our everyday lives. The good part is a lot of this tech makes everyday life easier or more efficient. I’m going to go over some of my favorite gift ideas this holiday that everyone can use!

 When talking about technology and gadgets for everyday life the conversation starts and ends with phones. I would venture to say most all living breathing humans who are at least nearing adulthood or older have a cell phone. It’s nearly impossible to function in today's society without one. As everyone knows Apple and Galaxy are the leaders in phone sales and of course they have some state of the art new phones for you this season. The Iphone 15 is the latest in the series. My opinion is if your contract is up and it’s time for you to get the new phone then that’s when I’d splurge for the newest model but trying to keep up year in and year out with the latest model is exhausting and expensive. So if it’s time for a new phone then this is definitely an option for you. It has a bigger screen, faster processor, and much improved storage and battery life. They are always upgrading the camera so if you love to take pictures that’s where I think you see the biggest difference in the newer models. And of course it will have Apples latest chip which means it will be an overall faster and smoother device. Galaxy’s new phone has much of the same upgrades, bigger, faster . The Galaxy S23 is androids newest masterpiece, and its speed and camera quality are sure to stand out!.

 Another often used, everyday item that has improved immensely is the Television. Like phones, this is something a lot of people have brand loyalty too so I’m not going to say one is better than the other but with the immense amount of options it’s definitely something to do your homework on before you buy. With the improvement of televisions, two main things come to mind for me. First is how thin and light the newer models are. This makes moving them and fitting them into a room so much easier. Televisions used to be bulky and honestly an eyesore. But fast forward to today and they are now able to be mounted and the sharp and sleek designs make it an addition to your interior decor. Secondly is the most obvious and that’s the picture quality. With the popularity of video games, streaming and movies you will get your money worth with how beautiful the picture quality has become. While the brands are more of a personal choice I can tell you that most experts agree to start your search with OLED and QLED tv’s.

 Now if you live by the motto bigger is better than stick with me. What can you get that has a bigger picture than the biggest tv while also not costing nearly as much? Projectors. Now when I hear projector I immediately think of the big, bulky loud machine they used in school that had a grainy picture and worked about as much as a fast food ice cream machine. Not any more! Today’s projectors fix all those problems and provide a giant, clear picture from a small and stylish box. These are great for television, movies, games or anything. You can use them inside and outside as well and are much more portable than a large tv. Vankyo has a great product that we feature in our store and is a best seller.

 Lastly I want to cover two of my favorite in-home devices that make life so much easier. First are the video doorbells. These have so many benefits to them. First of all, whether you’re in the middle of work, in the bathroom, with the kids or not home you can see who is at your door without having to go check the door. You can communicate with the person about how long or if you will be able to make it to the door through a speaker and it’s so convenient. With the popularity of online shopping you can help protect yourself from stolen or damaged deliveries by seeing when and how something arrived and if it was taken thanks to the video. You can give directions to a delivery person on where to leave an item or pick up their tip. Some people even use it to leave messages to families or loved ones as they go to work or leave for the day. It can give you the peace of mind that you always have an eye on your front door and will know who is coming or going. Also one of my favorite household tech advances are the automatic robot vacuums. As someone with a dog who sheds, I was vacuuming daily just to keep up. This automatic vacuum just rides around your house cleaning your floors as you resume your daily activities. When it’s full you simply dump it out and it starts cleaning again. Keeping up with a house is a lot of work and most people today have a job, and kids and other responsibilities and I'm here for anything that can make your everyday life just a little easier and give you more time for what’s important.

 I’m going to have to stop myself there as I could write a book about all the amazing new technology that would make a great gift this season. With how much more time people are spending inside and how busy people are now I really believe these items can not only provide entertainment but make life easier for people.

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