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  • Ryan Hogue

My Favorite Fall Décor

Happy Friday everyone! Fall is almost here! Even though this may be the hottest week of the summer coming up I promise Fall is just around the corner! The perfect time to get ahead of your seasonal redecorating! Fall is my personal favorite season of the year for so many reasons. The temperature is as close to perfect as you can get most nights, the colors of Fall are captivating, it's officially football season and so many more. I know people are looking forward to the pumpkin spice time of the year as well as the plaid clothes and of course Halloween! While the list of awesome things about Fall could go on and on today I’m here to focus on my 5 favorite décor trends this season. I’ve always had a slight interest in décor but doing these blogs has led to me truly enjoying seasonal décor and making your house fit the weather and time of year! Remember these are my favorite trends but there are so many more that I couldn't fit! If you have any you like to add make sure to comment or message in! Hopefully my favorites or others can spark an idea for you!

Unique Fall Wreaths- This one is a staple of fall. As soon as Summer started to end my mom would decorate nearly every door with a different fall wreath. They are a simple yet powerful statement piece. Especially the big bold one hanging on your front door. Possibly the first thing a guest sees before entering your home. Neighbors pass by it every day. I honestly thought that few would notice but many of my guests have complimented the wreaths. One of the best parts is you can buy a premade wreath or you can do a little DIY project and invite a friend or two.

Sunflowers- One of my favorite flowers is on full display during this season. I remember getting a sunflower seed to sprout as a class assignment in 1st grade. Once it did we were able to take it home. I took it to my grandparents house and planted it and they helped me take care of it and it grew taller than me. Ever since then I’ve been obsessed with the giant beauty of a flower. Standing tall with its bright yellow hue it’s impossible to ignore. It’s also the perfect transition from Summer to Fall. And in a season dominated by earth tones the yellow can really pop!

Earth Tones- Speaking of earth tones, there is apparently a different color scheme taking over the fall season this year. According to experts we will be leaning away from the bright oranges and yellows and favoring more earth tones like browns and greens. While this may not sound exciting the colors are beautiful and the neutrality really lets you go all out on accent pieces. That’s where you can make the room pop with your bright colored accent pieces.

Woven elements- Woven elements have really grown on me. Growing up I was never a fan. At worst I thought they looked bad, at best I thought they were unexciting and often went unnoticed. I think I just wasn’t seeing them used correctly. With the advancements in décor, I think the woven look has its place in many homes. If you're having trouble picturing it, think baskets in all shapes and sizes, woven pendant lights, natural fiber rugs, and cane and rattan furniture. They go really well with the earthy tones and oranges and yellows!

Marble- No one said these trends had to be new right? While marble has been a staple of décor for a while it nonetheless deserves a shoutout as one of the top fall décor trends. The twist this year is we’re seeing people and experts are leaning toward warmer reds and browns instead of the cooler shades of Carrara marble we've been seeing. Now this doesn’t mean the marble look you're used to is going away, just that this season we are getting a little twist on the usual look. I love the look of marble. It’s so classy and clean looking.

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