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My Favorite Costume Ideas

It's almost that time! If you are a procrastinator like me you most likely have waited last minute to pick out and put together an outfit. Whether you're going to a party, costume contest (possibly at My Way Leases this Saturday for a chance to win a free week off your account. wink wink) or trick or treating, these costumes will be sure to get a compliment. And most of them are quick, easy and cheap while also being funny and creative. So feel free to use one of these or use it for inspiration to use in your own costume. Halloween falls on a weekend and things are open a bit more this year so this is shaping up to be a great weekend! Hopefully we see you Saturday at the store for our costume contest and then everyone has a great Halloween Sunday!

Winnie the Pooh- With the Winnie the Pooh musical coming out this month this childhood classic is now also a timely costume too. Fun for people of all ages, however definitely pulled off best by babies. Plus it’s easy and quick to put together when all you really need is yellow bottoms and a red top. Pooh ears and a honey pot can be added for even additional genuine cuteness. And if your friends have babies and you can recreate all the friends of 100 Acre Woods then you're a guaranteed finalist in any costume contest!

Emojis- This is such a fun costume for kids. Every kid has a favorite emoji. Most likely the one that you tell the grandparents is just chocolate ice cream with a face. A yellow t-shirt and some markers or fabric and you’re ready to go.

Identity Thief- This is my kind of costume. So easy and cheap to put together and I actually let out an audible chuckle when I heard about this one. You can wear any normal clothing and just stick a bunch of “Hello my name is ____” stickers on yourself with all different names. Fair warning this is the kind of costume to get you envied at the costume party. You most likely spent the least amount of time and money and yet are getting more compliments than most.

Queen of Hearts/Cruella De Vil- This is on here because of how awesome it looks when done right. Both are timeless characters that have been revamped in recent years and very easy to make your own. You can also go with the classic original characters to get some nostalgia points. A couple deck of cards and some red and black clothing you’re well on your way to a great Queen of Hearts. Some black and white clothes, big sunglasses and a old school cigarette holder and you’re already on your way to being a evil yet stunning Cruella.

Operation game- Being that this game is so old I’m surprised I’ve never seen this. Any neutral colored clothes will work. But then you just take a sharpie and either cardboard paper and fabric in red and white and cut the various shapes from the game and attach them to your clothes. Don’t be surprised if this leads to people poking at you all night though!

When life gives you lemons-Simple yet genius. For me there’s two options for a Halloween Costume. Go all out or go with simple yet funny. You can wear anything you want with this costume as long as you have a name tag that says “Life” and a basket of lemons to hand out. Bonus points if you have great comedic timing and can hand the lemons out after mistakes like a spilled drink.

Cops and Robbers- I love this idea for a family. Have the parents be the cops and the kids be dressed as little robbers or vice versa. Fun idea is to have one parent have a name tag that says “Good Cop” and one parent have a name tag that says “Bad Cop” and play along with the roles. Would have to get cop costumes but the robber costumes would be very easy to put together.

Mystery Gang- Scooby Doo and the Mystery Gang are timeless and if you have a dog along with you this is perfect. The costumes are so simple to put together yet no one would mistake who you all were. Some 70’s era clothes, a blue collar for your dog and some treats re-boxed as Scooby snacks and you’re ready to go!

Ted Lasso- One of the hottest TV shows out right now and rightfully so! This show is hilarious, feel-good and tears at your heartstrings. The Ted Lasso costume will be a guaranteed hit. A dark blue zip up sports polo, some aviators, a whistle and some khakis and you are ready to inspire the world.

Jeff Bezos Space cowboy- Politics aside this was both a pretty crazy, cool and hilarious event. A man going to space in any capacity is an amazing feat. A man dressed in a spacesuit wearing a cowboy hat is hilarious. It’s the best of both worlds. Add in stacks and stacks of fake money (you know, billionaire) and you’re ready to go.

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