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  • Ryan Hogue

My Favorite Buys at My Way Leases

Happy Friday Everyone! I thought I'd take this week to focus the blog on some of my favorite items we have available here at My Way Leases. These are all items I either have and love or are very high up on my wish list! One of my favorite things about My Way Leases is not just the high quality things we have but the wide variety. You can be furnishing your living room and kitchen here while also realizing we have everything you could want for the perfect game room. Huge Televisions, game systems, sound systems and even arcade games. Already have furniture and need some accent pieces? Look no further! The selection also allows you to find something that really fits your home. As always feel free to comment or write in with your favorite items! Always make sure to check out our best seller email to see what is hot this week.

Xbox Series S/PS5 Next Gen Consoles- You should know now I'm a gamer. Not competitively and not nearly as much as I used to be or want to. But, when I do get some free time here and there you better believe I'm taking advantage of that and getting on the games with my brother or friends. It's not only fun but it's a great way to connect with people you don't get to see enough. Especially people far away. And let me tell you these next gen consoles are something different! The speed and picture quality are amazing. They also have amazing new features that make upgrading close to necessary. I know they were hard to come by at first but now that they are in stores I highly recommend trying a next gen console out!

Vankyo Projector- I was definitely late to the projector game but I finally bought in. I absolutely love watching movies, sports or playing videogames on a huge screen using the Vankyo Projector. If you have bad eyes this is made for you. Or if you just think bigger is better then come check it out. It's amazing how it can blow up whatever you're watching and not effect picture quality! I was amazed at how clear things were. It also allows you to take it outside a lot easier than a TV. You can have parties or outdoor movie night with little to no extra work. I can not recommend this enough!

1up Pinball/Arcade Machines- I tried really hard to pick one or maybe 2 of my favorites that we carry but I couldn't. I really did. They are all just so much fun and bring back so much nostalgia and childhood memories. If you want a man cave or game room you need to stop in. From classics like Ms. Pacman to Star Wars Pinball you will find something you love. We even have Streetfighter and Mortal Kombat. Fair warning we are not responsible for any loss in productivity in your life after completion of your game room.

Baystorm Fireplace and TV Stand- I love all our fireplace and tv stands but for some reason I always come back to this one. I love the centered fireplace. I mean the description says it perfectly "Smokey gray finish over replicated Oak grain with authentic touch. Contemporary handles in an antiqued gunmetal finish. With fireplace insert." Plus I just will always be a sucker for fire places. Especially ones this functionable and appealing to the eye. With winter coming up next I would definitely recommend any one of our fireplaces.

Stelsie 6 Piece Bedroom Set-My favorite bedroom set that we carry for sure. I love the clean white look. I have it right at the top of my wish list. It's crisp and classy look really grabbed me and I love that it's a 6 piece set so you get the mirror, dresser, bed and 2 night stands. I don't have to worry about trying to match furniture as everything I need in my bedroom will come with it. It offers plenty of storage and the wood grain finish really pops.

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