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  • Ryan Hogue

My 5 Favorite Items at My Way Leases

If you haven’t heard yet our April special is all month long get 25% off the weekly or monthly rate on all in stock Merchandise! That includes bedrooms, living rooms, dining room tables, electronics, appliances and more! In honor of this awesome special that covers everything in store, I decided to cover my personal 5 favorite items available at My Way Leases. Not coincidentally these are some of the 5 best sellers here at My Way Leases and it covers a little bit of everything. Make sure you comment below the post on your favorite items!

  1. Nintendo Switch

  2. I shouldn’t even really have to explain this one. The Nintendo Switch is a game system that everyone can enjoy. Many might think it’s made for kids by the look but they would be very wrong. Sure the Switch is an amazing system for children with tons of games and the capability to play on your TV or on the go as a handheld device. But it also is great for anyone who has ever played a Nintendo system which is most people under 50. My parents were playing duck hunt and Super Mario with me back in the day. The nostalgia factor with this system is through the roof. The controllers may feel a little different but when you’re playing Mario Kart or Super Smash you will feel like a kid all over again.

  3. Vankyo Leisure 1080p Projector

  4. If you have ever used a projector you know how awesome they are. Whether you are watching sports or your favorite movie the projector makes it just a little better. With an amazing 1080p picture any worry about distortion or blurry picture can go out the window. You can even play video games on the big screen. It works well with any white sheet or wall, indoor or outdoor and sound quality is great. This is great for hosting parties, or movie night with the family or a romantic stay at home movie date.

  5. Reylow 6 Piece Bedroom Set

  6. Out of all the bedroom sets we have there are a bunch that I really love. However, the Reylow stands above them all in my eyes. I love the dark brown distressed finish. The two tone look is very visually appealing. However what makes this gorgeous bedroom set stand apart from all the others is the large cubbies built into the headboard. Not only does this give you a space to add decor to tie the room together, but for someone who is constantly on their phone, playing Nintendo Switch or reading a book in bed it gives you a nice place to store them so you don’t have to get in and out of bed to put things away.

  7. Willowton Fireplace and TV Stand

  8. Most heating elements you can buy don’t look the best. That’s not the case with the Willowton Fireplace and TV stand. The white washed finish with a plankwood top gives the room a real beachy feel. Add in the LED fire insert that can operate with or without heat on 6 different settings and this piece can transform any living room. Not often you can find a beautiful piece with dual functionality.

  9. Tambo Pewter Sectional

  10. The all black cushioning provides a level of class and sophistication that is only matched by the soft and plush comfortability with the Tambo Pewter Sectional. The plush cushioning and modern design provides the ultimate comfort. To make it even better it has reclining seats that really set it apart from the competition. With built in cup holders, it’s the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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