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More Life Hacks

I've touched on the topic of life hacks before but I have some things to add! I love life hacks because it's simple solutions to small or even big life annoyances. They're usually super creative and easy to do and solve problems that most people will face! A life hack to put it simply is something small that you can do or change that will make everyday life or a regular task you do a tiny bit easier. Some of these are simple reminders while others are straight up inventions or re-inventions that you’d swear came from the year 3020. Without further adieu, these are 10 of my favorite life hacks.

1. If you put something down temporarily, say it out loud.

  • This may sound and feel dumb, but as someone who contantly misplaces keys, wallets, my phone and basically anything and everything this has made a huge difference in my life. It works with a lot of things to like turning off the stove. Just audibly say what you did out loud and your chances of remembering what you did or where you put something is much higher.

2. If you have trouble making a decision, flip a coin. While you're waiting to get the result, your mind automatically starts to wish for what it wants.

  • This really works. If you do have any internal preference that you may or may not want to admit, this will help you know which option deep down you really want. When that coin is in the air listen to yourself rooting for a specific result and you know which option you prefer.

3. Remember that five minutes of daily exercise is infinitely better than zero minutes.

  • I’ve been there. Something comes up or your schedule changes and you simply don’t have that allotted gym or exercise time you planned on or once had. This is just a reminder that even if you can’t get a full work out in, a little something is better than nothing. You will feel the benefits both physically and mentally.

4. Tell the people you love that you love them more often.

  • Less of a life hack more of something that can always be said. With the daunting year it’s been, there is never a better time than now to tell the people you love them exactly how you feel.

5. Get rid of the nightmare of long WiFi passwords

  • This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. If you have guests or people regularly coming over get your wifi password custom printed as a coaster so people will no longer have to ask you for the password! This is especially helpful for people who reuse passwords and would like to feel safer.

6. Use those little pizza holders as phone stands?

  • Break one of the tiny legs off of that little table that holds your pizza together and use it to help stand your phone up when using it to watch tv or movies.

7. Tie a Piece of Fabric to your travel bags

  • Use a piece of brightly colored fabric tied to your travel bags to easily pick them off of the conveyor belt. So much easier than trying to read a info card as the bag passes.

8. Keep a medical info card in your wallet

  • This could change your life. Make a credit card sized piece of paper to put in your wallet with your blood type, allergies, emergency contact and medications along with any other pertinent information.

9. Use a spring from an old pen to protect your charger

  • Place the spring around the neck of the charger to keep it from breaking and exposing wires.

10. Drill holes in the bottom of a garbage can.

  • This will remove the suction making it much easier to install and remove bags.

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