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More Home Improvement Ideas

If you’re like me the past couple years has made me appreciate my home and my space. More than ever I want to feel a sense of comfort and be able to have my home reflect me and who I am. Well with spring around the corner and maybe a stimulus or tax refund coming in, now is the perfect time to upgrade your home. This can be to make you more productive, change the energy in your home, update the look or any reason you like. There's so many ways, big or small, to upgrade your home and I have gathered some of my favorite ideas and wanted to share them with you.

Creating a home Office

  • I’ve mentioned this before but it can’t be stated enough. More and more jobs are being done from home. Working from home can actually increase productivity when done right. One of the first steps many recommend when working from home is having a designated work space. If you have the luxury of having an extra room to convert to a home office that’s great! If not at least find a quiet area of the house and set up a desk and turn that area into your home office. Simplicity is best when making your home office. Everything should have a purpose and that purpose should ultimately lead to increased productivity.


  • If you are looking for a less costly but still dynamic change than a fresh coat of paint can do the trick. Luckily for you, if you check out some of my previous blogs you will see a rundown of some of the more popular interior paint colors and see if any jump out at you. Whether you just want to repaint a room or the entire house, it will make a huge difference. And this change isn’t that costly and isn’t permanent so if you want to take risks or try something new this is the way to do it.

Improve outdoor space

  • This is my favorite idea on the list. While making the improving the inside of your home is where it seems most people focus, the outside can be just as rewarding. I mean it's getting warmer and spring is around the corner and I know I love being able to get outside every now and then. This is the perfect time to focus on your outdoor living area and make it a place of your own. Plus more people see the outside of your home than the inside so might as well make it look good. A nice covered area with a firepit and some outdoor entertainment will drastically improve your time at home. And then when it’s safe to host again, you have a great area for your guests to enjoy.


  • This is another idea that I love. If you have ever been cooped up and don’t have the luxury of living by yourself you have probably noticed the drastic increase in noise. With families or roommates having drastically different schedules this can become a huge annoyance. Or for those working at home, productivity can be hindered significantly if you can't find a quiet area to work. That’s why many people are soundproofing their homes or specific rooms in order to have the quiet space and peacefully live amongst others. There are many ways to accomplish soundproofing but for a quality looking job that works I’d recommend consulting the professionals.

Sanitary Accents/Go Smart

  • Due to (Or depending on your outlook, thanks to) the pandemic, there has been an emphasis put on cleanliness and hygiene. Even since it has ended I've noticed more and more people using hand sanitizer, wiping down surfaces and doing basic hygenic things that it shouldn't have taken a 2 year pandemic to start. Thankfully in 2024 there are numerous ways to upgrade your home to achieve that goal. Many are switching to touchless faucets and lighting fixtures. Minimizing the surfaces we touch will go a long way into reducing spreading germs. Especially around sinks in the bathroom and kitchen which are heavily used. Many are using voice commands for the temperature and electronics in their homes again minimizing the touching of surfaces. Air purifiers are also seeing a large boost in sales. Video doorbells and other technology are seeing a rise as well to minimize face to face interactions that could be avoided.

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