• Ryan Hogue

Modern Design is Making a Splash.

Last week we focused on urban design which, while amazing and surging in popularity, it may not be for you. Today I am going to focus on another extremely popular style, for both it’s visual appeal and practicality, is modern interior design. Modern design has a very broad spectrum and can go in many different directions but it is always “a celebration of material, technology and composition through authenticity, transparency and efficiency.” as Adorable Home puts it. It was inspired by the modernist art movement before it and brings us in touch with a space. It turns a home or building from an enclosement to a machine.

Modern interior has an emphasis on simplicity and both visually and functionally. There is often a combination of functional compositions and clean lines and geometry. “Form follows function” is the main principle followed by most interior designs. Modern design starts with neutral walls. Shades of white and grey give a clean sophisticated look. Modern design came to be because of the advancement of concrete, glass and steel so many interior designs feature steel or iron finishes and concrete elements.

Remember functionality is one of the main elements of modern design. Therefore, there shouldn’t be clutter on countertops or tables. With accessories, modern design lives by the saying “less is more.” While the walls and furniture are mostly neutral and safe, art, accents, or smaller furniture pieces can be a bold color such as a bright yellow, red, or blue to add life into the room. This small splash of color gives the room character and lets you put your own touch on it. The furniture should also feature clean simple lines instead of bold patterns or prints. On top of the lack of clutter, modern design needs an open space. Particularly in the kitchen, dining room and living room. An open design improves the flow of the space. No molding is an example of the lack of clutter, open feeling modern design is going for.

Large windows are extremely popular with modern design and are visually great and also allow a lot of natural light. With wanting simplicity and no clutter, natural light is a big part of modern design. Structural elements such as beams or concrete are left exposed and natural elements and wood are used throughout. There is a lack of curves, fuzziness or fluff with the furniture. Remember straight clean lines and edges. Modern design leaves a great deal of room for you to be yourself. It’s simple and clean yet innovative and functional.

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