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Local Restaurants: Salisbury

As you know My Way Leases has made it a focus to support other local businesses especially during these trying times. We know that making our communities the best they can be is a group effort. So I decided to do a 5 part blog series highlighting some of the best local restaurants in each of our communities starting with Salisbury. Restaurants have been hit hard and your friends and neighbors who work at and run these businesses are counting on us to support them. And if you have any comments or recommendations of other great local restaurants in the area feel free to comment!

Goin Nuts Cafe

  • Located on Civic Avenue many people might not even know Goin Nuts is there. Not sure if it’s intentional or not but the name is rooted in some irony. Goin Nuts cafe is one of the more relaxing and quiet restaurants/bars that I’ve been to. Don’t mistake that for boring though. Great food and drinks are only beat by the awesome conversations you're sure to have. Not usually packed but Goin Nuts has its fair share of loyal customers who never run out of stories about life on the eastern shore. You can feel the history as the walls feature characters of some of Goin Nuts original most loyal customers.

Market Street

  • Market Street is definitely one of the more popular Salisbury restaurants/bars. Beautifully located with a back deck that sits above the water, what really makes Market Street stand out is their menu. It’s unlike any other place on this list. With avocado toast, buffalo cauliflower and a black bean burger this is the place to go if you want to switch it up. They usually feature entertaining DJ performances on Friday nights and it can get packed quickly!

Specific Gravity

  • If I’m in Salisbury and I’m getting pizza it’s 100% of the time going to be from specific gravity. Not only is it the best slice of cheese or pepperoni pizza but they have creations like the The Marylander which features grilled chicken breast, lump crab, vine-ripe tomato, white sauce and old bay. Or a General Tso’s pizza which has grilled chicken breast, broccoli, wontons, sesame seed, white sauce, asian sesame drizzle. As weird as some of the creations sound they all uniquely taste delicious and the restaurant in general has a great vibe.

Back Street Grill

  • Back Street Grill is another local favorite that features burger wednesday where you can get their huge hand-made burgers and fries for only $5. If you want a burger or sandwich that stands out , along with a giant serving of crab fries that are the best I’ve had, this is your place. Between the friendly staff and the loyal regulars you will never have to worry about sitting in awkward silence. They also have a great outdoor seating area for large groups.

Boonies Burgers Beer and Bait

  • This one may be a little bit of a drive (around 20 minutes) it’s well worth it. Newly reopened the menu features countless delicious appetizers and entrees. Known for their burgers which are amazing on their own, the rest of the menu is definitely not to be slept on with crab dip and fish tacos that will have you coming back regularly. The seating area is absolutely gorgeous and the drinks are great! This is one of my favorite places and you can end up spending the whole day here before you realize it!

Brew River

  • Another restaurant/bar utilizes it’s location beautifully. Located on the water surrounded by boats and a huge dock area Brew River is one of the more popular places in Salisbury but rightfully so. Their menu features everything you’d expect with an emphasis on the seafood part. They know what the shore wants and they give it to them. Day and night this almost seems like two different places. As far as restaurants in Salisbury go it has a classy feel to it as you overlook the water either outside or inside where the huge windows don’t obstruct the beautiful view. But at night this is Salisbury’s most popular bar and they regularly have DJ’s and big name artists perform. It’s large inside and outside areas provide a lot of space for the large crowds that come out.

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