• Ryan Hogue

Is Country Style Interior Right For You?

Country style has a simple beginning but it has more and more depth added as it modernizes. Country has a rustic theme and with that comes soft muted colors such as whites, creams, browns and beiges. More modern twists add accents of red, black and white. Block colors help add impact. Sofas are usually a plain color with no pattern. Coffee tables and shelving should follow suit and are usually wood, sometimes reclaimed, with no lines. Furniture is often mismatched and rooms appear as if they were “thrown together” but the rooms work with each other naturally.

The furnishings should look like family heirlooms that have been passed down for generations. Avoiding new looking furniture is key. Instead look for pieces with character. What would normally be considered dented or damaged is exactly what you want. Scratches, dents and knots in wood are celebrated in this style. Furniture that looks like it's been used makes the home feel cozy and lived in with plenty of stories and memories. Farmhouse kitchen tables are key for this design. They are often one of the main focal points of the house. Bench seating adds another country twist.

The use of plastic and other newer materials is rare. Instead look for natural materials. Stone is often found on walls and fireplaces, another focal point of country style. Wooden beams on the ceiling really take it to the next level. The country style is comfortable and practical and is affordable, easy to clean and move around. It has a cozy, tranquil atmosphere that is visually pleasing and simple. It also is great for making the most of small spaces. There is a ton of attention to the details. Wallpaper, windows, doorways are all carefully picked to whatever fits your personality. Dinnerware and kitchenware are often displayed on shelves or see through cabinets.

Country style is one of the more popular styles as it doesn't limit you with minimalist tendencies. You can proudly display your collections, trinkets or plants. You don’t have to spend a fortune on brand new decor. Imperfections are celebrated. It also allows you to stand out with statement pieces such as barn doors. You don’t have to have a lot of room or space for it so it's great for homes of all sizes. This is one of the more unique styles that stands alone and lets you fully put your own touch on your home.

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