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Holiday gift ideas: Gaming systems

From now until the holiday season I will be posting blogs about neat gift ideas. Since technology is one of the biggest parts of our everyday lives I figured I’d start there. We are in the midst of the unveiling of the new generations of game systems which is sure to be at the top of a lot of peoples wish lists. The Playstation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X. The price tag on these is what you’ve come to expect from new consoles. You can plan on spending around $500 for these but you will have no worry about the gift being a hit. With game changing graphics (4k UHD Blu-ray drive) and processors the new generation of consoles bring games to life. The difference between the two is minimal and preference will likely be determined to which company you have a history with. Most people are either team Playstation or Team Xbox and don’t plan on switching anytime soon. There is definitely brand loyalty with the customers. So if this is a surprise make sure to confirm which console they want. But while the new systems are coming out this offers another opportunity.

Videogames are growing in popularity and as the kids who grew up playing them get older, more and more are still playing video games. Especially since video games have evolved to where anyone, young or old, can find something they like! So while all the more serious gamers are getting the newest system, if you are a less serious gamer and don’t have a system or have one that’s a little dated it’s the perfect time to get the PS4 or Xbox One for cheap. These are the current, or just replaced, systems and are still amazing in their own right. If you’re just looking to have fun and aren’t trying to keep up with the latest video game trends then this is a great gift. They will still have most games and there is surely something for the entire family.

Speaking of the entire family Nintendo has dominated the family friendly game system. The Nintendo Switch is their latest to do so. The switch is an amazing system that can easily transfer from tv to portable use. So if you’re on the go you can take it with you and play wherever, or if you’re having friends or family over you can hook it straight up to your tv and enjoy some of the Nintendo classics we grew up on or their newer enhanced versions. This game system brings Mario, and Donkey Kong and Pokemon to the new generation. The nostalgia is real with this one and why it's a favorite system for a lot of kids, it’s also one of the best for adults. It’s extremely portable and the controllers are user friendly and not as overwhelming as the others.

The other option for gamers is a PC. These are for the serious gamers and the prices range greatly. There are gaming PCs available but most PC gamers like to build their own piece by piece. This is something you’re going to want to get direct input on from the person who will be using this. They are so customizable and ever-changing that buying these as a surprise for someone is never easy. This holiday season will surely be a big one for gamers so whether they are a Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo or PC player, their is sure to be great gifts available for them.

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03 jul 2021

When will the Playstation 5 be avaliable?

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