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Halfway Point 2021

Happy July everyone! And as of today, July 2nd, the year 2021 is officially at it’s halfway point. So this week I thought I’d make a list of my 5 favorite things about 2021 so far and the top 5 things I’m looking forward to! It’s definitely been a crazy year but I think we can all say it is veering a little more towards normalcy than 2020 was. Granted, good and bad happen every year but I tend to and want to focus on the good! This list was hard to make because so many awesome things have happened this year and there are even more that I’m looking forward to. So I hope you enjoy my lists and it sparks some good memories from this past half year and/or makes you look forward to something coming up! Remember, don’t hesitate to comment and reach out with what you loved about 2021 so far and what you're looking forward to!

Best of the first half of 2021

  1. Restrictions lifted-This one speaks for itself! Finally stores are open, restaurants and bars are at full capacity and people are getting their jobs and full time hours back! We are finally getting back to normal and you can now shop and eat and walk around downtown with less worry and restrictions. I will say health and safety is now one of the top focuses of businesses and restaurants and that is a welcomed change! But it’s nice to be able to visit a store or go out to eat with a group of friends now!

  2. Stadiums opening up- Being able to go to a sporting event or concert now in 2021 is amazing. Sports and music are such a big part of many peoples lives and not being able to be their live was hard. Sure, we as fans appreciate the sports leagues continuing to have seasons and the performers who put on virtual concerts during the pandemic. But watching sports with empty stadiums and crowd noise pumped in just wasn’t the same. I know me and many others are extremely glad we are able to have these events back this year!

  3. Euro Cup- Even if you’re not a fan of the sport you can appreciate it. The world's oldest, most popular professional sport has started the Euro Cup and we have already had some amazing matches. This was supposed to take place last year and was cancelled so the anticipation was high and it has yet to disappoint. This tournament showcases the best footballers in the world and you don’t even have to be a fan of the sport to get hooked into these games!

  4. Movies/Shows filming- For many, streaming television and movies was a life saver during the pandemic. Stuck inside there wasn’t a whole ton of options and this provided much needed entertainment and a temporary escape. Unfortunately it probably didn’t take long for you to burn through movies and series before you were left spending what seems like hours looking for something to watch. And if you are keeping up with current running shows you probably noticed a delay in between seasons compared to previous ones. The covid restrictions made taping and producing movies and shows extremely difficult and had caused a hiatus in new content for many shows and movies. However with restrictions being lifted many shows are returning or at the very least recording and have a scheduled release date!

  5. College athletes getting paid-This may be controversial but to me it shouldn’t be. The NCAA is a billion dollar corporation who makes money based on a product/service these kids/young adults provide. I think it is only right, let alone see any problem in these athletes being paid from their likeness being used. This has been a hotbed issue for a long time and it’s nice to see it finally come to an end. This will help a lot of kids and families while also keeping young student athletes safe from being kicked out of school for accepting a free pizza.

What I’m looking forward to in the second half of 2021

  1. Independence Day- Well good thing is I don’t have to wait long for this one! This Sunday is Independence day and one of the best holidays of the year! It starts with gatherings of amazing people with music and games and celebrating. Then there’s the grilling burgers and hot dogs and chicken with every side you can think of. Then the night usually ends with a beautiful firework display all to celebrate America. Most people completely missed out on this last year and I’m sure that will be made up for this year!

  2. Winter holidays with family- I’m sure some people had a normal holiday season last year but for a lot of people it was very different. Most at the very least had people missing but some held virtual holidays and some even had to cancel them. As someone who comes from a big, close-knit family the holidays have always been extremely special and important. Last year made me appreciate them even more and I know many others are looking forward to a normal holiday season this year.

  3. Football- Yes, we had football last year but like I mentioned in the things that happened already, stadiums are back open and that makes a huge difference. Not only will I get to attend the Washington vs. Tampa Bay game to see Tom Brady play (still feels surreal) but tons of people will get to watch their favorite teams and players and sports live for the first time ever or at least in a while. Even watching it on television will be better with a full stadium. Also, games were heavily affected by Covid-19 and the protocols so it’ll be nice to see players and coaches not have to worry about that.

  4. Olympics- Qualifying has already started and like a lot of people I’m super excited for the Olympics this year. They officially start on July 23rd so we have less than a month until the greatest athletes in the world compete for their countries. Where most American sports leagues segregate us by who we root for, all Americans can unite and root for the person wearing the red, white and blue to bring home the gold!

  5. Vacation- Some of you I’m sure have already gone on a vacation or two this year and I couldn’t be more happy for you and jealous of you at the same time! At the end of July I get to go away to a lake house for a week with my family and I couldn’t be more looking forward to it! I didn’t get to go on a vacation last year and I can not wait to just get away for a week with no thoughts or worries. I know many people had to cancel or change their plans last year and I hope everyone gets the opportunity to make up for that this year.

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