• Ryan Hogue

Favorite DIY projects

As 2020 comes to an end most of us are still social distancing and staying inside more than ever. With this comes a lot of downtime that may lead to boredom, laziness and excess sleep. Things you used to look forward to doing in your free time have now become worn out as your free time has increased exponentially. So I thought, what's a great way to spend some time, accomplish something, make something useful? A DIY (do it yourself) project! The key is finding something that will be enjoyable doing and also produce something you truly want or can use. So I compiled a short list of some of my favorite DIY projects.

  • Create your own custom Mirror.

  • This one is quick, simple and affordable yet will yield a gorgeous statement piece. You need very few items to complete this project. Paint, tape, spraypaint and any old or cheap mirror. This person chose to paint corner designs in white (you can choose any design you like.) Then they covered the design with tape and used rose gold spray paint to paint the rest of the frame. This lets you be creative and you end up with a gorgeous accent piece for your room!

  • Build your own picture ledge

  • This is another one that is affordable and won’t take much time but can provide a great payoff, displaying your favorite photos in a classy way. You can use any scrap wood to use. Just sand it down, treat it and paint it any color you feel accents your wall. A couple screws and now you have your favorite pictures on display!

  • Create your own Fire Pit

  • Fire pits are a great way to bring people together. You no longer have to be inside if it's a little cold. Whether having good conversations or roasting marshmallows, fire pits always seem to be at the center of any outdoor gathering. Great part about this is you can get everything you need at one stop. Go to a hardware store and grab 30 pewter concrete retaining wall blocks, a bag of pea pebbles, and a bag of paver base. This one takes a little work so you can find the directions here