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Fall Trends 2021

As much as I love writing the “Get to Know” blogs, I felt like to keep it fresh we needed to switch up the questions a little bit. So be on the lookout next week for an all new “Get to Know” blog with a new interviewee and some new exciting questions. But I also thought with Summer nearing its end it would be the perfect time to cover the incoming fall trends of 2021. This will give you some time to plan and execute and be ready for the changing of the leaves. Fall is personally my favorite season of the year for a myriad of reasons and that includes the décor that comes with it. As I say with every one of my seasonal trend posts, your home is your canvas. This is just a short list of some of my favorite upcoming trends. You can follow it verbatim, pick and choose a few things you like, or ignore it completely. But as many of us spend a lot of time in our homes, I do urge everyone to have fun in making their home their own. Without further adieu, here are my favorite fall trends of 2021!

1. Warm Earthy Neutrals

Like always, there has to be a mention of what color scheme is hot, or well warm, this season. Not surprisingly the warm earthy neutral tones are unsurprisingly leading the way. To start if you don’t like changing colors very often, warm earthy neutrals are a very beautiful yet safe way to go. They can go with a large number of styles and accents seamlessly. They especially look great with natural furniture and accents. Whites, grays and shades of tan will be the hallmark of this color trend.

2. Bringing Nature and Outdoors in

This is basically a mainstay in almost every post. Using nature inside isn’t a seasonal trend as much as it is an overall movement. The seasonal part comes in with the accent pieces and how we can customize our home within this awesome décor trend. As you know I love natural furniture. Furniture made of real wood, stone tables and floors, I can’t get enough. But possibly the best part is the accents you can change with the season. In spring and fall I love having plants and flowers throughout the house. Once fall comes you can really get creative. Leaves and pumpkins and cornstalks are just the beginning of ways you can bring the outside in and make your home feel like the perfect fall escape.

3. Distressed Metals

I’m already a big fan of metals being used in décor and I also love the distressed looks. So by no surprise I’m all in on the distressed metal trend coming this fall. Metals alone can transform a room. But the distressed metal mixes that flash with a touch of old school. The pieces look and feel like they have a story to tell. You can have distressed metal tied into your furniture directly or it can be accent pieces on tables or even wall art and frames. Best part is it can fit in with many other styles and color schemes and completely transform a space.

4. Candles

Who doesn’t love candles? Not only do they make your home smell like whatever delicious aromatic scent you want but they can also be a great decorative piece. While Candles can be used all year around there’s something special about them during fall and winter. Many people are using candles as centerpieces for dining and coffee tables or set along shelves throughout the room. One of my favorites is the use of candles throughout the bathroom. It looks great and provides a nice relaxing environment.

5. “Slow Deco”

This is one I really love for many reasons. This has its roots in minimalism and naturalism. This design style does not feature any clutter or excess furniture, décor or anything extra. It’s become popular with the younger, earth conscious crowd that seems to be growing pretty quickly. This trend brings in natural elements which obviously includes a lot of earth and tones and materials such as wood and stone. Space is highlighted in this trend and the few yet powerful natural décor items become highlights of the room. This is great for people just starting out as it limits your expenses and makes sure every penny is going towards something that will provide use and value to your life. .

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