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Fall 2020 Trends

As the weather cools down we are approaching the fall of what for most people is the most unusual year of their life. While we learn to grow and adapt to new ways of living, we can see the impact that the pandemic, working from home and social distancing has had on interior design trends. While visual appeal is always a must, functionality is making a strong appearance in 2020. These trends are hardly baseless. They stem from a need of privacy, connection, comfort, peace of mind and more. That is the main trend of 2020. This home is yours. You live in it every day. Don’t make it in the image of someone else. Make it yours, make it comfortable but exciting. Make it something that you can and want to spend time in whether forced to or not. Without further delay here are the top trends of fall 2020 that I am looking forward to, and as always feel free to message or comment with any thoughts!

1. Easy to use fixtures

The first fall trend of 2020 that I love is getting creative with lighting. Lights are more than just functional, they can be an eye grabbing addition to any room. Hanging lights and wall sconces are two of the most popular trends of this fall. They are both great ways to brighten up a room while using minimal space. One of the most popular themes people are exploring is rustic light pieces regardless of the interior.

2. No more open-plans.

The open-concept layout was already heading out before the pandemic caused many to spend significantly more time in their homes. Now people are looking for distinctly defined spaces. Whether working from home or not, it increases productivity and organization. Especially with large families who have a lot going at once. Separation allows each room to do what it's designed to do with minimal interruptions and distractions.

3. Suburbs will get urbane.

We're starting to see a new generation start buying houses. With this comes a ton of new trends. One of the more common ones is mixing suburbia and urban living. While moving from college or city life into suburbia, this generation doesn’t want to completely lose that sense of city in their home space. Whether it’s exposed brick or more use of natural metals there's many ways to bring that city feel to your home.

4. New age Gym.

Home gyms are not only gaining popularity but they are evolving. With the pandemic gyms were quick to close. Even now that they’re open again, it's still a place that has a large number of people close together sharing equipment. Not surprisingly, some people want to avoid that. So home gyms are becoming more and more common in peoples home plans. Recently we have seen those home gyms expand beyond just weights and machines into wellness rooms. With anything from yoga areas, meditation rooms and more.

5. Texture

Texture came along late 2019 and isn’t going anywhere any time soon.. Layering different textures and surfaces adds depth and intrigue to any surface. One of the new popular textures is Bouclé. This is a textured curly wool fabric and is as comfortable as it is fun and inviting. The bathroom is a great place to mix different textile surfaces.

6. New Dining Room

One of the first and last impressions a home leaves on a guest is in the dining room. A cozy, inviting dining room will have dinner guests not wanting to leave. A great way to improve your dining room is to dress up the walls with artwork or photographs and bring plants and nature to the dining table or a side table/stand

7. Earth Tones and Brown

Warm neutral earth tones are making a major movement in 2020. People are changing to muddy palet

tes including beige, olive, and brown. This is a very clean elegant look that goes well with numerous different styles and accents. It’s a great mixture of bright yet earthy that is extremely inviting.

8. Work Stations

The pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives. For a lot of us it has influenced how we work. A lot more people are working from home now and if done right this has found to be very productive for both the company and the worker. It’s always important to keep professional and personal lives separate. That's why we are seeing a great increase in home work stations. Now that people's work stations are in their home they are assigning a specific area to work and adding pieces that make them feel productive and comfortable. One way of doing this is incorporating plants into their workspace.

9. Make it YOUR bedroom

While every room in the house has its purpose and importance. None is more personally important than your bedroom. In 2020 we're all about making your bedroom all about you. From color to sheet selection to lighting. Make it about you. You should be comfortable and no place should feel more like home. Use a blend of natural lighting, accent lighting task lighting and ambient lighting. To make the room even more you set up a reading corner or movie corner. Whatever you love, make a little space in your bedroom for it.


10.Unique rugs

Lastly, one of the more creative trends in 2020 is people utilizing creative rugs. These are great pieces as they can be interchanged based off of your mood and surrounding pieces. They can be as extravagant or as simple as you want. Just find a rug that fits you and your home and watch as the compliments roll in!

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