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Even More Life Hacks

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone is having a great week. In this next installment we’ll look at more life hacks that I’ve used and found to be extremely helpful in making life easier. I just found so many I loved I couldn't fit them all in last weeks post! You’ll be surprised at the crazy solutions people have figured out to life's simplest but most annoying problems! In case you missed last weeks blog post, a life hack is a simple yet genius solution to normal every day problems or just a way to make a task easier and more efficient. Don't forget we love hearing from you so comment, or email in your favorite life hacks and they might just make it on my next life hacks blog post! Without further adieu here are some more of my favorite life hacks!

Frozen Windows?

It’s getting a little colder and before long we know we'll have some freezing temperatures. If you live around here and ever had somewhere to go in the morning you’ve probably encountered ice covered windows. This can either make you late or have you out in the cold scraping your windows while freezing. In order to avoid this just take a 3:1 ratio of water to vinegar in a spray bottle and simply spray the night before for no ice.

Losing Buttons?

As someone who lost countless buttons throughout the years and is lacking in the sewing skills department this hack has helped me tremendously. Just use clear nail polish and paint over your buttons to keep them from falling off!

Wooden spoon trick

If you don’t believe in magic then you’ve never seen the wooden spoon trick. If you’ve ever boiled water and had it over flow you’ll appreciate this one. Place a wooden stick over your pot of boiling water and watch science, I mean magic keeps the water from overflowing.

Make Ice Last Longer

If you’ve ever been camping or fishing or out for the day you know that the ice in the cooler never lasts long enough. If you want your ice to last longer in your cooler just add salt to the ice!

No kindling?

If you’re ever in the woods camping or trying to start a fire in your fire pit in the backyard and don't have anything to get the fire started. Use chips as the fat and oils in the chips make a great fire starter.

Frozen Water Hack

In the summer or when going to the gym I always freeze a water bottle so it stays cold longer. Unfortunately it's never unfrozen by the time I’m thirsty. Easy solution. Fill your water bottle half full and lay it on it’s side and when you're ready to leave you'll have your bottle available for water!!!

Vacuum Hack

This hack changed my life! Ok, maybe I’m being a little dramatic but if you’re like me the little dirt in your phone and electronics and small spaces that you can’t get can drive you crazy. Well, now you can just put a plastic ketchup nozzle over your vacuum hose to get into those really small spaces.

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