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  • Ryan Hogue

Design Trends of 2021

With another year comes new and exciting interior decorating trends. This isn’t to say you have to change your design every year or try and keep up with the ever changing styles. This is just to cover what's trending now and possibly give you some ideas to build on. One of the biggest mistakes in my opinion is following any decorating style step by step. To really make it feel like home you should always put your own touch on it. Use things that are personal to you. There's always wiggle room when it comes to interior decorating. With that said, here are some of my favorite design trends of 2021.

  • Rustic Vogue

    • I love this trend. As someone who lives in a historic home you can sometimes feel limited with design ideas. Anything too modern doesn’t seem to fit with the details of the house. With a rustic vogue design you can now keep a modern feel with some character added in. The key is a balance of old and new pieces that work together. Reclaimed wood is the core material for this design. Unique pieces with grain and texture will add plenty of character to your room.

  • Yellow and Gray

    • They don’t often do this but Pantone actually chose 2 colors, shades of Illuminating (bright yellow) and Ultimate Gray (a pale gray), as the shades of the year. That’s really all it took for this color combo to be a mainstay this year. I have mentioned this color combination before as one of my favorites and apparently this year it’s starting to catch on. The brightness of the yellow mixed with the neutral gray creates a combination that looks good in any room.

  • “Joy”

    • With 2020 having its fair share of doom and gloom, people are looking for different ways to make 2021 brighter. Well why not start with the place you spend most of your time. People are still in their houses more than ever before including many working from home. Recognizing that your mood and energy can be impacted by your surroundings has caused people to use that to their advantage. Bright colors like greens and oranges are used to transform the living space into a fun lively area.

  • Product Transparency

    • One of the more recent life trends is people are starting to care and look into how their products are made and where they come from. From food to makeup and everything in between, people want to know about the products they are buying. Theres many reasons for this including wanting to shop local, making sure the companies are good for the environment etc. This has crossed over into the interior design world. People aren’t just buying the first piece they like. They are doing their research and making sure the company and brand also match up with their standards. Natural and local made products are a great way to make your home environmentally friendly and sustainable.

  • Global Influences

    • This trend is inspired by earthy color palettes and warm textures. It works seamlessly with wooden and woven home accessories. It can have a safari feel influenced by African wildlife or even a tropical inspiration based on an island getaway.. This design trend gives you plenty of room for customization while still capturing the global aesthetic. This again will use plenty of natural materials and warm earthy tones to drive it home.

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