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Build a Man Cave at My Way Leases

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! With football season on the way, baseball in the middle of it's season and and Basketball and Hockey just starting their championship series this like always is a great time of the year for sports viewing. I thought it was the perfect time to go over just how My Way Leases can hook you up with an ideal man cave all in one stop! The only thing better than watching sports is watching sports in the comfort of your own man cave. Not only is it better for you but it's the perfect place to host friends and family. Watch some sports, have a family movie night or even a date night. I'll highlight the main points of the man cave all which can be found at your local My Way Leases. Don't forget the details! Make it your own with decorations from your favorite teams, movies or whatever makes you feel at home! Also if you plan on hosting don't forget to check out my blog on the perfect football party!

Reclining Chair- Why start anywhere else other than the kings throne! Any mancave I've ever been in has featured "the chair". This is the chair that is in the perfect position of the room to maximize tv view, snack reach and bathroom proximity. My Way Leases has some amazingly comfy reclining chairs that can not only help you enjoy the game but send the message that this is your palace! The Markridge and Darcy Black Recliner are two of my favorites we carry!

Sectional- Assuming you have a family or will be hosting I went with the Sectional over a Sofa. While your seat is saved with your reclining chair, others will be looking for a place to sit. Make sure you have plenty of room with a large sectional! Not only are these big enough for your friends and family but My Way Leases offers a selection of super stylish and comfy sectionals. A sectional is shaped perfectly so everyone has a great view of the game or movie. My Favorite sectional at My Way Leases is the Tambo Reclining Sectional!

Big Screen TV/Projector- I mean this goes without saying right? When it comes to viewing sports and movies I care about two things. Size and clarity. All I want is as big a screen as possible with as clear of a picture as possible. Luckily at My Way Leases not only is this possible but you have choices. We have amazing quality televisions up to 75 inches!!! Not big enough? We also have a projector where you can blow up your favorite sports teams or movies to sizes a screen couldn't contain! Check out our TV selection like the Vizio 70 inch 4k UHD TV or the Vankyo Leisure 1080p projector!

Video Games- What is a man cave without some gaming? Let's face it there are those solemn moments where, and bare with me now, there are no sports on. I know it's a scary thought. But the way I see it that leaves you with two options. Either enjoy some classic re-runs of games in your mancave or break out the videogames. Luckily at my Way Leases we have a selection for you. If you're into the new school games we have systems like the Sony PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series S Next Gen Console. These will keep you, the kids or your guests entertained for hours. Now if you're lets say over 30, nostalgic and unable to keep up with the rapidly growing (and more complicated) gaming systems of today then we have just what you need. We have numerous arcade style games from Star Wars Pinball to Mortal Kombat 2!

Fireplace/TV Stand- The perfect cross between functionability and style. If you go with the big screen TV then you're going to need a place to put it. Luckily My Way Leases has a great selection of gorgeous TV stands. The best part about them is they come with built in electric fireplaces. This gives the mancave a classy and sophisticated look while also helping you stay warm in those winter months. Seeing as a lot of man caves are relegated to the basement this is the perfect combination to look great and serve a purpose. My personal favorite is the Baystorm Fireplace and TV Stand.

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