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  • Ryan Hogue

Best of 2022

Happy last Friday of 2022 everyone! Hope you're having a great week to cap off a pretty, pretty good year. I can't speak for everyone but 2022 for me was definitely a step in the right direction. We are another year further from the horror that was social distancing and pandemics. Life as we know it is basically back to normal aka just a little less chaotic. Can't lie though, I feel as if this year flew by. It seemed like every major holiday or event was one after another and before you knew it summer was here, then football and then the holidays and boom the year's over. It just all seemed like a whirlwind. I felt like I should take some time and really take in and appreciate what this year had to offer. Yes 2022 had it's struggles and hardships but I chose to focus on the good. So while I sat and reminisced on the past year I decided to write down five of my favorite events that went down in 2022. This is a great way to remember the big things that happened to you this year but it also allows you to think about all the little things in between and really appreciate everything you did, accomplished, got through etc. I'd recommend as you read this to think back on this year and possibly even make note of some of your favorite things that happened this year!

World Cup- I mean we only get it once every 4 years so you had to know this was going to be up here. Especially with how this one ended! I mean from beginning to end it was pretty great! As a USA fan you had to be happy they advanced and they definitely showed they are starting to catch up to the European soccer teams. We may not be fully there yet but i don't think were too many world cups away from the USA being considered a serious contender. Then the way it ended! That was an amazing final match with a quick 2-0 lead erased and then the game decided on Free Kicks! The suspense was unbelievable and Argentina came out on top!

Sports back to Normal-No more players missing weeks for testing positive. No more games being rescheduled or canceled. And finally no more games with no fans making it feel like a high school scrimmage. We were able to fully enjoy a year of sports with no excuses or changes based off that annoying pandemic. We really had a entire NBA playoffs in a bubble that year. And if you played fantasy sports this was a beautiful return to normalcy. It was so hard when you never knew if one of your players was about to sneeze and be forced to miss 2 weeks.

Movies/TV making back with a Vengeance- Again another bonus of no pandemic was all the travel restrictions being lifted and television and movie producers were able to get back to filming like normal and on a normal schedule. No more delays or having to wait for people to be allowed in the same room to film. We saw an amazing year of tv and movies. I mean a new GOT spinoff and Avatar in the same year?! Another great season of Stranger things and Outer Banks. How could you ask for more.

NASA Releases First Full-Color Image of Deep Space- The nerd in me had to put this one on here. I mean this is just so cool. Anytime something is done for the first time ever it's pretty notable but when it comes to space I'm at full attention. Between the ocean and space those are really the 2 big unknowns left. Especially space. There's so much left to learn and anytime we make an advancement or get new info I'm fully interested.

Holidays with Family/Going out with Friends- I don't know about you but holidays just weren't the same during the pandemic. Finally this year we were all able to gather and have a good time without fear of getting each other sick. I mean just hugging hello and goodbye was stressful before. Now were back to playing games and fulling enjoying each others company. And now it's also a lot easier to just go out with friends on the weekend or get together at each others houses.

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