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  • Ryan Hogue

7 Snow Day Activities

Hope everyone finds themselves safe and warm on this winter Friday! Hope you were able to stock up on your groceries and essentials because when I stopped by the grocery store yesterday some of the aisles were looking bleak to say the least! Looks like we're gonna be getting a pretty decent amount of snow this weekend! Unfortunately for you kids, that means there's no school to cancel but there's still plenty of things to do to make the most out of your snow day! And as a member of the eastern shore, you know we usually don’t have many of these so we have to take advantage when we can! While you’ll soon find out my favorite things to do when it snows I’m interested to hear what you guys do! So make sure to comment and leave me some new snow activities!

Snow Slushie/Margs-This is a classic. I can remember my parents and grandparents making snow slushies with me when I was a kid. Grab some clean snow and put it in a bowl or cup and add your favorite flavored drink or soda and mix until you have your preferred consistency and enjoy! And for the 21+ crowd you can either mix your favorite alcohol with snow or go full out and make a snow margarita!

Baking- What a better way to warm up than to bake something delicious and chocolatey and sugary. Pick your favorite dessert, brownies, cookies, cake, whatever it is and have fun not only baking it and decorating but then you get to enjoy a warm delicious treat on a cold snowy day!

DIY Project- Let’s face it, every single one of us most likely has at least one home project that we have been putting off or have yet to get to. Well this weekend you may be physically unable to go somewhere so what better time to just suck it up and get to work. Truthfully, the worst part of a project is starting it. Once you get going and get in a groove it can be fun and an enjoyable time. When you're finished you’ll have either built, fixed or improved something and be able to feel good about your accomplishment.

At Home Spa Day- Snow days are days to treat yourself! You have nowhere to go, nothing to do. It’s time to relax. Now this is completely up to you how you do this but I know many people like to go candles surrounding the bubble bath with a book or audio book playing. Maybe a nice charcuterie board and a glass of wine. Follow that with some facial masks and while relaxing and listening to some calming music.

Skype party- Call your friends, and family who are more than likely also bored at home snowed in and tell them to prepare for a zoom party. You can go many different directions with this too. You can have a dance party, karaoke party, tea party or anything else you’d want to do with others over video. This is a fun way to not feel so alone and cooped up during the snowstorm.

Blanket/Pillow Fort- Tell me you’re not currently looking around trying to see how many blankets and pillows you have around you and beginning to do mental blueprints on your future blanket and pillow fort. If you have kids this is a must do on a snow day. If you don’t have kids, this is a must do on a snow day haha. Perfect for a date as well. Get the laptop or tablet and set it up in your fort for a movie date or a day of videogames in a fort!

Top chef competition- This is something you can do by yourself or with others. Grab all the ingredients in your kitchen and set them out. From here on out you may have to adjust the rules based on how many participants and ingredients you have. But each person tries to create the best dish they can from the limited ingredients you have at your disposal. This is so much fun and at the end you have some fun new food creations to try! Who knows you may even add a recipe to your cookbook!

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