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5 Things I'm Looking Forward To This Fall

Happy Friday everyone! You probably have heard me say it before but this season coming up is by far my favorite time of year. I love everything about it. Summer was fun when you were a kid because you got out of school but there's no summer vacation here in adult world. Now summer especially on the shore is just being hot and watching others come visit on vacation and have the time of their lives. Spring would definitely be my second favorite if it existed anymore. Seriously I feel like once March hits you either have snow or 90 degree weather and sometimes on back to back days. But hey I'll take anything over winter. Talk about miserable. If winter is your favorite season I'm sorry, no offense, but like how? I don't like being cold and snow is only good for closing school when you're younger. Now I have to shovel a driveway so that stuff can stay somewhere else. But enough about those lesser seasons. I'm about to highlight some of my favorite aspects about fall that make it to me the best season around.

Weather- I mean what needs to be said. You get to turn off the A/C, keep the heat off and just open your windows and let that crisp autumn breeze roll through your house. You know it's the perfect weather when you want the inside of your house to feel like the outside. Your not sweating or freezing while walking around. You don't have to worry about dressing for one extreme temperature outside just to get to a restaurant and have it be the other extreme inside. I can't count how many times I've been sweating outside in a shirt and shorts and go in an establishment and immediately start shivering. The perfect weather to grill, and enjoy evenings outside. Add in the beautiful scenery with the amazing sunsets and changing leaves and fall on the shore is unbeatable.

Football Season- I'm sorry for continuing to beat the same drum but man do I love football and everything that comes with it. I'm fully convinced if there's a personal heaven mine would just be a football Sunday on repeat. Sundays in the fall are my happy place from start to finish. I'm usually waking up a little later from hanging out with friends the night before. I eat something unhealthy for breakfast and tinker with my fantasy lineups and bets while watching pregame. Then once 1 p.m. comes around its go time. Usually get pizza or wings or something else unhealthy but also delicious, have a few beers, watch my team hopefully win and then enjoy stress free football the rest of the day. Oh and to top it off a prime time game at night to watch until you're ready for bed.

Fall Décor- Don't get me wrong I love certain parts of every seasons décor but fall is just perfection. I love plaid patterns and the colors of falls. The dark reds, oranges, greens and natural colors. I love the look of pumpkins, gourds and dried leaves as décor. Beautiful wreaths, decorated mantels and colorful centerpieces are great ways to make your house fit in this fall. I also really like the look of corn and cornhusks either outside or inside! I usually decorate my front porch with cornhusks, a wreath and some pumpkins and gourds.

Fragrances-I'm a big candle, scented wax, plug-ins guy. I love when something smells good. Fall is by far my favorite time of the year for candles and fragrances. There's so many variations and combinations but anything apple, pumpkin or spice is definitely going to be filling my house. I actually have an apple pie candle burning next to me as I type this. I can't even explain how relaxing and pleasing it is to have a fall decorated house that smells like a fresh baked apple pie.

Halloween-Last but surely not least we get to celebrate Halloween during this amazing season. Halloween isn't my favorite holiday but it's up there. I love handing out candy to kids during trick or treating. I don't have a ton of kids who come down the street so I always go big with the king sized candy bars. I also like going out for Halloween as the bars around here are a great time and you see some amazing and creative costumes. The whole buildup to Halloween is my favorite. I love haunted houses and hay rides and fall festivals. Oh and how can I forget a month of scary movies and decorating your house for Halloween!

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