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10 Must-Have Home Décor items

Whether you’re redecorating, just moved in or just like to shop online, this blog is for you. With lenient return policies that take the worry out of trying something on or seeing how it looks in person, there is little to no downside other than the waiting for delivery which depending on where you shop can be only a day to two. I purchased a house and thanks to My Way Leases, the big things like furniture and appliances were easy to pick out and get delivered. However, I quickly noticed that my décor or accent pieces were not exactly reflective of where I was in my life. Everything was sports related, which is great for a man cave but for an entire house it kind of felt like the ESPN Zone (That’s a little nostalgic reference for those old enough to remember). And being that my name is not Dave nor Buster, I felt like it was time for a more mature look. Instead of driving to multiple stores, my resourceful lazy self opened up my laptop and headed straight to Amazon. Now you can do your shopping wherever but Amazon’s website, delivery and selection is everything I’m looking for when shopping online. So today I thought I’d share my top 10 home décor items I’ve found. Make sure to leave comments with what you like or stuff you’ve found!

Plant Stand- As you know from many of my other blogs I have developed somewhat of a green thumb. Now I've come to realize that taking care of plants is actually somewhat time consuming but it’s still completely worth it. They add so much to a room and this simple yet elegant plant stand can look great in any room. And for $25 this one is a steal.

Absorbent Stone Set- Coasters are probably something you don’t think much about unless they are in front of you. However, a pretty set of coasters can be a great accent piece while also preserving your furniture. These stand out to me and despite being so small will still draw attention to those using them. $14.

PuTwo Decorative Tray- Depending on where you store this it may not be considered “decor”, but I promise you if you’re having people over and you pull this out the compliments will start pouring in. In addition to just being a beautiful piece of work, the details really make this piece stand out and at $37 you will surely get your money’s worth.

Rivet Casual Round Mirror- I’m not a mirror enthusiast by any means. In fact, I never had any plans on adding any mirrors to my home. But this is one of those items you’re not even looking for but when you come across it you have to have it. It’s simple yet demands attention and looks good almost anywhere. $65.

Rivet Westline Modern Hand-Painted Stoneware Flower Vase- A lot of vases end up looking very similar to me. Not these. They will stand out in any decor. Honestly I like these so much I end up looking at them more than the flowers that I put in them. $47.

UpSimples Picture Frame Set of 5- I love pictures. Not only do they look great hanging on walls but they are nice simple reminders of things you love. This frame set (available in multiple sizes) ranges from $21-$51 and looks especially great with black in white photos.

Love-Kankei Floating Shelves- I can’t stand bare walls. It’s a personal preference but just seeing huge amounts of empty space makes me want to fill it. Not to mention I have numerous plants, photos and other decorations that I want to display. These awesome floating shelves will do just that while also seamlessly fitting on your wall. These come in numerous different colors and range from about $16-$22.

LOCHAS Ultra Soft Modern Area Indoor Rug- I love hardwood floors for multiple reasons. Mainly because I think it looks so much better than carpet but also because even if you prefer a softer surface you can decorate it with numerous rugs of all shapes and sizes and feels. I have multiple rugs throughout my house and while this one might not be the prettiest of them all, the way it feels makes it my favorite. Somehow calling it “Ultra Soft” is drastically selling itself short. Warning, you may find yourself laying on the floor after purchasing this for only $13-$20 depending on size.

Indoor 3-Tier Relaxation Tabletop Fountain- I feel like every house should have some type of water feature both inside and outside. They are so pretty and relaxing. This one is one of my favorites. The metal gives it an industrial feel while the natural river rocks make it feel earthy. $25.

Bar Serving Cart- This is probably my favorite item on the list and that’s coming from someone who rarely drinks. This piece just looks so good not only in everyday use but especially when hosting. If you have a drink collection it's a great way to show it off and make serving that much easier. $110.

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